WARNING: When Your Team Is In The Championships - Lady Loves Pinstripes WARNING: When Your Team Is In The Championships - Lady Loves Pinstripes WARNING: When Your Team Is In The Championships - Lady Loves Pinstripes

WARNING: When Your Team Is In The Championships

Whether it is the NFL, a sibling on a varsity high school team or even a beer pong tournament entered by a pal at your local watering-hole there is always a championship at the end.

At one time or another, most sports fans have a had a team make it to the championships. The team can be ranked #1 or the surprise sleeper of the season, but it all disappears because your team is in the finals.

That’s when you meet the obstacles and annoyances that come with real fan-ship.

Cheering on your team for the first time or the twentieth doesn’t say anything about your passion. Once you fall in love it’s all over, as this group is in your heart for good.

Streaks and slumps affect your mood swings; this cannot be avoided. When the team is good, and everyone says so, the pain of distress can be bitter.

At the same time, the winning team you see might not be the general consensus from friends to ESPN. Then the team wins and it is pure satisfaction for any fan.

Just imagine a championship and finally to feel fulfilled, as your fan-ship and dedication has paid off.

That is when trouble starts.

To help a fan get the righteous glory of watching your team win, listed below are three ‘types’ to avoid:

(1)THE MAD MAN is the fan-friend who’s team just can’t seem to get a break. Season after season disappointed by false hope only for it to all fall apart, again. A true mad-man will never miss a game even when it’s sheerly painful for all involved (example Mets). This ‘friend’ will spite you, right to your face. No debating will be involved, as the mad-man will low blow your team with angry remarks to excuse you team for being good.

It is best to allow the mad-man to rant and rave. All while you ignore or gesture politely in agreement. Then go back to the TV as your team is on. There in the the finals and thats all that matters. You gotta feel a little of the mad-man’s suffering because it sucks.

WARNING, never comfort the mad-man by forecasting how good a season it will be the year his team wins and to have faith. It will only make it worse because the mad-man cannot relate, so just let him be. The mad-man will watch your team’s championship with you because it is more self- torture. It is in your best interest the less painful you make it for him in relation to determining how mad he gets.

(2)THE DOUBTER is a buddy who supposedly has the same fan-ship loyalties as you. You and the Doubter watch most games together, have endless conversations recapping the latest game etc. This is when it gets tricky because the Doubter will seem to be agreeing with what you said.

Nodding away, listening intently only to find the one negative aspect of every situation. The Doubter looks like a fan, plays the part of a fan but her biased comments start to worry you. Well your instincts are in tact as this type will kill you buzz. Usually starts doubting slowly, leading to confusion, to eventually all out fighting.

This is someone that you trusted your team with so it will feel like the Doubter has cheated and in all senses they are. This fan-ship is likely an outlet for some childhood trauma, that the Doubter cannot even admit to themselves yet. The Doubter will miss at least half of the team’s biggest games and definitely be late to watch the championship.

WARNING, never waste your time convincing the Doubter of their fan-ship. It is a waste of breath as even if the team proves them wrong, the Doubter is already ten negatives ahead of you.

(3)THE MORON is a great friend but the fan-ship is so ridiculous that it is embarrassing, especially in public. The Moron will organize tables at fun sports bars for big games way in advance, and you will always go. Why? The Moron’s behavior is so retarded that you mentally forgot the last time because it is not really your problem. The Moron will be head to toe (including the head) in team merchandise. One article is just not going to cut it. The Moron will know other Morons at any location you watch together. There will be a lot of high-fives between two Morons. High-fives will occur over tables, over your head, anything separating this happening will be obsolete.  The high-five will happen. One plus is that there are never more than a few Morons’ per establishment as the Morons’ themselves will kill each other out of passion.

WARNING the moron’s attire, behavior and relationships with other morons can ruin the entire experience of watching your team. A great fan can lose concentration, want to leave to save face or never wear anything with a logo admitting your fan-ship. It can be traumatizing. PLEASE proceed with caution.