Vazquez vs Tigers Not Going To Be Easy

Javier Vazquez knows what he has to do tonight against the Detroit Tigers.

It’s time to pitch.

To no surprise, the New York Yankees are on the cusp of a losing streak and it’s Vazquez who will decide it’s fate.

The team is frustrated and believe me when I say Yankee fans want Vazquez to fail.

This is not the minor leagues anymore, but that reality is next for Javier Vazquez does not get back to being major league ready.

Previously, Vazquez has done well against the Tigers as a team pitching a minimum of 6+ innings and over last five meeting striking out 37 Tiger bats.

Individually, the current Tigers line-up has some new additions familiar to Vazquez over the years. Old Yankee buddy Johnny Damon in particular. Miguel Cabrera has also taken Vazquez yard a few times, but honestly what pitcher hasn’t Cabrera hit well, as he leads the AL in three catagories this season already.

This will be a true test for Vazquez, as being dominate tonight would really show the Yankees that they have a real ace. The stats below prove that Vazquez better bring his A-GAME only to Comerica Park tonight.

MY PREDICTION: The Yankee bats are going to have to be dominate for Vazquez to look good.

Here are Vazquez vs. Hitters to watch for tonight: