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Two Worries Of A Cocky Yankees Fan

The world saw the worst collapse in sports history take residence in Shea Stadium, in 2007, the pictures and tears brought city-wide shame. The Mets have been face first since, and the fans hate them for it.

Jump to a few months later, when the scrappy Giants miraculously beat an undefeated Patriots to win the Superbowl. New York went crazy for sports again, and inspired by the proof playing with heart institutes champions.

Are you getting the point here?

New York fans have been emotionally drained, with the ups and downs being so harsh.

It is safe to say that Yankee fans feel the same goal as the team. Try to understand that not winning a World Series in nearly a decade, missing the playoffs, the departure of Joe Torre and all the other bullshit drama that comes with being the best, made many fans be ready too.

The perspective of hoping for the best, but expecting the worst helps keep our giant egos in check.

To put it directly and honestly the fact is its inevitable for a Yankee fan to be cocky, the team has earned over and over.

So rest assured that when the 2010 regular season begins, the New York Yankees will be as ready as possible.

Well, so is this Yankees fan. So here are two issues that my brain is hanging onto; I am hoping this omission will let my mind stop being in denial.
Here are two possible bombs that Yankees Universe needs to try to come to peace with, before repeating as World Series Champs:

1) This friday Alex Rodriguez will be in Buffalo, NY as a supposed ‘witness’ in the prosecution of a Canadian Doctor who smuggled HGH and PED’s across the borders, for the sole purpose of injecting many pro athletes over the past decade.

My concern is how stupid is Arod?

Pretty stupid is what were hoping is the only outcome. Arod visited this Doc in the off-season for some anti-inflammatory injections and did not tell the Yankees about it. Why not ask Dr. Andrews who preformed the hip surgery months earlier?

Whatever his reasons, Arod should be reporting anything going in and out of his body to the Yankees Front Office and even to Bud Selig, purely out of respect and to make the point across that the past was a mistake. Arod’s blames his behavior on sheer stupidity, but if this impacts any delay or interruption for the team, all possibilities of repeating become impossible. The fact is when Arod is on the field the Yankees are better.

2) Known as the Yankees core four, Jeter, Posada, Rivera and Pettitte are the heart of the Yankees. The four names will be legends forever, never forgotten for their extraordinary achievements, hard work and graciously respectful attitudes. They are everyones role-model, both mentally and athletically.

Father time does exist, but with this core four the effects have not shown. Jeter and Rivera had career years at 35 and 39 years of age. Pettitte’s post-season straight wins, on three days rest crowned him the most wins by a pitcher in the playoffs ever. Posada, came back from surgery without losing a beat. Real evidence was in winning their fifth World Series together, making them seem timeless.

What if age catches up this season? Hearts will break as no one wants to see super-stars, who define rarefied air in the sports world, just openly start declining. Typically once that starts, its like rolling down a steep hill.

Yankees fans all want them to succeed, personally Jeter needs to have a repeat of last season so he can win an MVP finally. All the news on Sports-center to PTI to reading any sports sections, all describe the Yankees core four like their senior-citizens and time is making them delusional about their production.

Looking around the majors at players who appear in that same age bracket, few come even close in production as in their prime days, most are retired. Examples are Nomar Garciaparra, Ken Griffey, Jr., David Ortiz and Mike Lowell to name a few.

It makes winning again so important this season, as for the core four might be in its final season together.

To anyone reading this, my faith is not faltering. It is more like a brain washing that just forces Yankee fans to thinking realistically.

Now that my addiction (which is winning) is not in denial by being a Yankees fan without concern, the road to recovery (or to the World Series) was a quick reality check that will end with this sentence; so at the next “.” I can get back to being cocky!

Cheers to a tune of, “GO YANKEES!! 2010 MVP….DEREK JETER! ONLY ON NEW YORK!”

Jay Z and Alicia Keys sang it better than me:

Phew!! I forgot for an hour or two how delightful it is to be a Yankees fan!!!

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  1. Jesse Lee says:

    “To anyone reading this, my faith is not faltering. It is more like a brain washing that just forces Yankee fans to thinking realistically.” Amen Brother :)