Two Teams, Two Pitchers, One City - Lady Loves Pinstripes Two Teams, Two Pitchers, One City - Lady Loves Pinstripes Two Teams, Two Pitchers, One City - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Two Teams, Two Pitchers, One City

The Mets and Yankees are tied at one game each, making tonight’s game even more powerful.

The Subway Series is more than just three games inter-league play, and it is only about winning a series, because the ego of New York City is on the line. It is a victory for the fans.

Both the Mets and Yankees fans could not have wished for better, with the pitching match-up featuring Johan Santana vs. CC Sabathia.

Both are their own team’s aces; both have won the CY Young award; and both are two of the most feared pitchers in baseball.

Tonight should be bold and could be one for the history books in what’s likely to be a battle.

Let’s look at both pitchers negatives, as the positives are straightforward, so there is shared PROS category.


PROS (for both CC and Johan):

If Sabathia and Santana bring their a-game, they are two of the best in MLB, and they win.

Against both, a batters situation becomes much harder. It is all about catching the one or two minor mistakes CC or Johan do, and capitalize on it. This should be entertaining considering now the Yankees bill is as fickle as the Mets.

Wright, Bay, Arod, and Tex will have to rise to the occasion ASAP.JOHAN SANTANA:


Santana’s momentum has been down, and he has not gone 7 innings deep into a game yet this season.

Yankee hitters will try and shake Santana early in the count by swinging at more pitches, as this has proven to use against him. Hitters will try and let Santana be up in the count immediately, which has caused Santana’s inaccuracy, and easier to reach by driving up his pitch count.

Santana has to keep an eye on Derek Jeter who has a .423 average against him, with four doubles, one homer and five RBIs in 26 at-bats.



Sabathia has to watch out for Rob Barajas has a .421 batting average, with three homers, 5 RBIs and two doubles in the 29 times at bat against Sabathia.Sabathia has to start strong, as the first two innings predict the game for him. He can usually go deep into games and with the Yankee bullpen, which is going to be necessary to win against the Mets.

Sabathia is pitching much better at home, but hopefully Citi-field is close enough to the Bronx to have that feeling. There will be plenty of Yankees fans in Queens to help him.


This could go either way, as we do not know which Johan or CC will be on the mound tonight.

As a Yankees fan and New Yorker by birth, I take CC Sabathia as the winner. This is a Yankees town, and I’d still like it to be on Monday morning.

Reality is, the Empire State Building  will honor the winner by shining either orange and blue, or wearing navy pinstripes.

The fans satisfaction is what’s at stake, but it is untimely up to the Mets and Yankees to determine who wants it more.

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