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Two Teams, One Goal, Same Season

From a Yankees fan’s point of view, the Mets and the Rays players should be hungry as ever to get back some respect in baseball.

Commonly, both team’s seemingly share a lack in leadership internally within the players.

That makes David Wrights job very hard with the Mets continuing to fail over the last few seasons. The Mets need everything and everyone to make something go right to get the trend going again.

David Wright finds a way to do his job, even it entails wearing a bigger helmet to get back out on the field. A field where once fans filled every seat and winning was a common theme.

Tampa Bay Rays started becoming dominant in 2006 and by 2008 made it to the World Series. Tropicana Field had become a home for fans.

For the Rays, playing in the AL East with the two power-house teams of the Yankees and Red Sox is no easy feat. As a Yankee fan, the Rays made me shake in 2008 and were the team to beat in 2009.

The question remains to be answered, were the Rays a threat or are the Rays a threat?

Evan Longoria is the player on the Rays who can collaborate with their dynamic manager, Joe Madden to get back to the World Series again.  To a fan, the Rays acting like spoiled brats in 2009 still sulking over their lose to the Phillies.

Did they just expect to make the playoffs again without having too much? Yes because the Rays are young and stacked with talented players.

Crawford, Upton, Longoria to name three who are already super-stars in their own rights and only in their mid-20’s still.

It’s never nice realizing you are not as good as you thought you were. In baseball the Rays got wiped after winning the ALCS just two seasons ago. If that did not piss off Tampa‘s fans and players, than that franchises glimpse of what could be was a false sense of hope.

Tampa Bay Rays could become one of the greatest stories in sports history as the team the became a power-house, playing in the AL East and winning thorough purely hard-work.

Both the Mets and the Rays have a lot to prove to themselves, their fans and the world of baseball.

These two teams fates will play out soon enough.

It is a fact that both the Mets and the Rays have the means but without the motivation it is just another false sense of hope.


  1. chappy81 says:

    I don't see the Mets or the Rays anywhere near as good as the Yankees. The Bay signing doesn't make me think they're much better… The Rays are pretty good, but they don't have the money to sign the "big" names to keep them competitive…

    • The Mets go better with Bay, as Yanks faced him a lot and he was great! If pitchers stay healthy (ie Santant) and attitudes (Reyes, Delgato and K-rod) get in line with the likes of their captain, they will be very good.
      The Rays have so much talent between Crawford and Longoria alone. Can they get back to the team of 2008? Definitely could but for newer teams that taste the World Series for the first time either become hungry for it or don't. See the Rays players are setting the clibs records for everything and that might make the young guys more entitled, which as Yankees fans know that attitude will get you know where.
      It took the Yankees almost a decade to realize the team was not entitled to anything!