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Top Two Yankees Mistakes Matsui And Now Jackson

First off, I would like to make it clear that I love Curtis Granderson and am overjoyed he is a New York Yankee.

I just wish Austin Jackson was not the price paid for anyone. Understand I have been waiting to see this kid since the 2007 draft.

All the talk about Jackson made him out to be the Yankees gem in the center field. Most claimed he resembled a young Willie Mays, which made fans drool.

An all-around athlete, Jackson could have undoubtedly played professional basketball too. Once he heard the interest was the New York Yankees Jackson picked baseball without question. Who could have turned that down?

Yankee fans waited patiently for Jackson to go through the Minor League system, but could not wait to see this remarkable kid in the Bronx, in 2010.

Well that day never happened, and now probably never will because Jackson was traded to the Detroit Tiger’s in the off-season.

It was surprising because Jackson got plenty of offers from other teams, and the Yankees would not budge. Jackson seemed to be the Yankees home grown pride and that it was only a matter of time before he would be in pinstripes.

Jackson has been phenomenal as the leadoff hitter for the Tigers, and his performance in center field has been superb. Jackson was the natural choice to win April Rookie AL Player of the Month, a huge honor for him.As of June 2 2010, Jackson has an average of .332, an OBP of .379 and has hit 14 doubles, three triples, and one homer with 15 walks.

Jackson’s only issue is he strikes out too much, with 57 on the season.

Remember, he is just 23 years old, which gives him a lot of time to develop.

The Tigers gave Jackson the opportunity to play everyday, something that would not have happened as fast if he stayed a Yankee.

Jackson is in his rookie season, and a lot of experts claim it is beginners luck. It would seem after two months of continuous numbers like Jackson is putting up that this might be just sheer talent.

In the long run, Granderson will determine his worth in the Bronx easily, so it makes easier to let go of Jackson. The complete opposite of my never-ending anger about letting Matsui walk for Nick Johnson scenario. Wait who’s Nick Johnson? Oh yea guy on the DL till at least September.

See, I was one of the Yankee fans, waiting like a puppy, to see Austin Jackson grow up in Yankee pinstripes.

This has left me to question GM Brian Cashman’s sanity and wonder what his reasoning was behind letting Jackson leave?

Grandy certainly has no room for error considering what was given up to get him. Talk about a lot of pressure, but that is the Yankee way.


Here is what’s behind my Jackson rant:

I can honestly say watching the Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians game broke my heart. Imagine 9th inning, 2 outs and about to be a perfect game for a rookie pitcher. The ball gets grounded and the rookie pitcher runs to cover first-base for the out, catch it, foot on bag…..about to jump up with excitement but umpire calls the runner safe. That is exactly how the scene played out for Tigers rookie pitcher, Armando Galarraga. The only problem is the runner was clearly out, with absolutely no question.

The out before this tragedy was a unbelievable catch by Austin Jackson. I was floored by his ability and jealous at the same time. Jackson’s catch to help his teammate achieve a place in the Hall of Fame was superb and shows Jackson has got as much heart, as he does talent. A definite webgem on ESPN Sportscenter on Thursday.

To Galarraga:

You were perfect even if the books don’t mark it.

Baseball fans everywhere got to watch another perfect game because of your performance. My deepest sympathy that another shitty umpire call ruined such a memorial moment for you.