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Tonight: Yankees Lost To The Devils

Maybe, it’s only reasoning I can conclude for the sloppy mess of a game I stayed up to watch. It has to be a mental issue with the Yankees losing for years to the Angels.

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Torii Hunter and Vladimir Guerrerowere not even playing as both are on the DL. So as I replay all the reasons it is just getting worse and I am trying not to let it scare me, yet.
Ever since I can remember, no matter what kind of season the Yanks finish with, the club cannot beat the Los Angeles Angels. Every season the two teams play each other I expect the worst and tonight that is what I got, for sure.

I am almost speechless as the first inning was promising. The Yankee bats ripped into the Angels right away. I could only think, wow this team is really, really good and not going to stop for even the Angels. I actually prefer and refer to this LA club as the “devils”.

For fans, players, managers or any other unfortunate soul linked to my Yankees that have to witness this match-up it is not comforting at all. The ‘Devils’ work better for me as a Yankees fan as I go into a dark place when we get beaten year after year after year by this ball-club.Embarrassing, oh you bet it was. Errors are unacceptable and what a time to mess up textbook plays. I guess the best word to use would be sloppy.

It was 5-1 when the fifth inning began and I started to become confident watching the Yanks. All of a sudden Joba became completely undone. This youngster has to go longer into games and start to figure out why he is getting worse. First it was at home he struggled but was an ace on the road. Welcome to the new “Joba Rules” in which rule one states ‘if Joba starts to decline burn the original rule book, figure out what has happened and fix it.’

Why not give Hughes a chance to have a start and throw Joba back to the bullpen for a try. Halladay, I am more concerned with losing Austin Jacksonand two other homegrown players. Especially when regarding Jackson as he can play and hit consistently. I have anticipated this kids jump up to the majors for three years and let me say it would be a mistake to let Jackson go. Another time I am working on a Jackson piece but Google him and you will see why.
I could blame Jeter’s drop on fatigue as it has been a long traveling road trip and the time change can hurt as well. I will not do that because that’s just not what Jeter would do and I respect the captain, always. I was completely stunned and I know that was something I will never see again.
Arod had a bad throw during the disastrous fifth inning collapse but a lot more went wrong. If these two all-stars did not make the mistakes it might have made the difference on the outcome. The middle men cemented it in pretty well to add to the mess.
Bruney was utterly discombobulated , again. I hope Girardi is not going to use the excuse that Bruney will get back to where he was before his latest stint on the DL. I don’t think Bruney has played enough consistently to be given the same amount of chances as Wang for the stats are not even in the same ballpark. I think the Yankees took a chance to keep Bruney 2 years back. He did get himself into shape but the guy is injured all the time. Wang is a pitcher that had super star caliber record, played consistently with 46 wins in two and a half seasons. Makes sense to give him the benefit of the doubt but this isn’t baseballcamp, or an assignment before going back up to the majors. This is the majors and I hope Cashman and Girardi get the memo soon or the Yanks are going to lose.
I will give the Yanks a chance to redeem themselves tomorrow but that includes actually winning the game. The club is playing well, one game back and forth with Boston and winning series. All this is very encouraging and let’s just hope my confidence levels gets back to normal. I have the faith and one lossshould not taint me so much but it does in so many ways that I cannot help.
Why, you ask? I worry the Yankees can’t hang with the big boys (aka. Boston, Tampa, Angels) and that is going to hurt our chances to achieve. I believe in this year’s team more than I have in a decade because they come to winas if it is Game 7 in the Worlds Series every day. The players are having fun and actually like each other as people, not co-workers which makes the team want to win. Any team for that matter is going to work harder if they respect each other for the person individually on and off the field, not the player that might look great on paper.
I am halting my first intent of ripping the Yankees apart, which tonight would have been pretty easy to tackle. Instead I will wait till tomorrow’s vast improvement by getting back to the team they were about 24 hours earlier. I expect better and I know the Yankees do too. Otherwise, watch out as I will embark, without uncertainty and I will scream and that is hard to do on a blog but that is how fuming it will make me.
Tonight: Lost to Devils….one word it sucks, yet again!!