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To Walk In A Mets Fan’s Shoes

Hearing and reading all the baseball predictions, I started to imagine what if I were a Mets fan.

For the fourth straight season, the New York Mets are predicted to be contenders.

Reports of players working extra hard this off-season give false hopes in the eyes of the disgruntled fans. Even Jose Reyes is ready to turn around the team.

Should or could Mets fans trust the team again?

Only with real hesitation and coming to terms with a mindset of hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

It is up to the Mets organization to get back to amazin’ again, and a managerial change is anticipated in my opinion.

My guess or convictions lead me to forecast the fictitious newspaper article below to be the turning point:


Welcome back, Bobby Valentine! The Mets have officially named Valentine the Manager for the second.

Valentine, replaces current manger Jerry Manuel.

Mid-season 2008, Mets GM Omar Minaya‘s most improper firing of Willie Randolph, lead the Mets to select Manuel as his successor. Hence, the group has been nothing but Un-Amazin since.

With the team on the cusp of being in real contention, Minaya cannot afford another failure or he will get the axe next.

Unfortunately, for Manuel getting just swept by the Mariners, and with Reyes appearing frisky again, a change is needed.

Valentine, was in this same place in 1996 and turned around a struggling Mets team; leading them to two consecutive post-season appearances, and a trip to the 2000 World Series.

Valentine only past issue Mets GM Steve Phipps did not see eye to eye at all, which ended in Valentine getting fired. Phipps was Minaya’s mentor, so surely Minaya pushed personal issues aside and proves his priorities are genuine.

When Valentine left the Mets, he had substantial success as a manager in Japan. This is a good fit for both sides.

Manuel is lucky to have been given the opportunity to try again with a healthy Mets team; but he even knew any signs from the past would be a wave goodbye.

Baseball is not a game where you get a lot of chances; it is too unpredictable and the Mets front-office made the right move.


  1. Totally enjoy New York Mets – despite recent news:-)

    • Kate says:

      The Mets will be fine once they get a new manager. It would also help if David Wright was more of a leader, as the captain.
      K-rod's three week pink eye was so ridiculous!