Yankees: Time to go to plan B - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Time to go to plan B - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Time to go to plan B - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Time to go to plan B

Let’s me get right to the point, the New York Yankees need some help now! 

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

GM Brian Cashman has to make a trade for a legitimate hitter ASAP, or else this team’s 2013 season is as good as over.

Yes, wounded players like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson are slowly getting healthy, but regrettably Father Time is not a luxury the Yankees have right now so waiting is not an option.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about bringing in more has-been veterans who would otherwise be homeless if not for the Yankees giving them a call.

And the reason is happening as we speak. Fact is the magic of wearing the Yankee pinstripes comes with an expiration date with this type of player.

Cashman has to go and trade for a hitter, preferably a righty with power.

Otherwise, this season will be filled with more games like last Friday night’s 3-4 loss to the Orioles. Or the game earlier when the bats couldn’t even score a run and made Rangers Derek Holland look like a CY Young candidate.

Losing games by a run, or not scoring one at all is disconcerting for fans so I can only imagine the emotions the Yankee players must be feeling.

Targeting a player like Twins Justin Morneau would be ideal. Morneau, who is a free agent at the end of this season, could be a nice little rental.

There is also Phillies Michael Young, who George King of the NY Post claims both the Yankees and Red Sox have interest in.

Look at how these two players are batting this season so far:

(Young & Morneau stats courtesy of mlb.com.)

Michael Young & Justin Morneau - 2013 batting stats
Michael YoungPhillies4916115428072511390.2610.3160.4410.757
Justin MorneauTwins72278328122034620500.2910.3400.4030.743

The other rumored possibility circling the Internet is Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz. Ruiz’s bat has not been great this season but behind the dish he is a way better option.

And dare I say mention the name Manny Ramirez?

Well, at this point the Yankees should leave no stone unturned including Manny being Manny.

Manny Ramirez - 2013 batting stats
Manny RamirezRhinos4918243641384323210.3520.4220.5550.997

Do you have any other suggestions that will help this Yankees team from fading to black?

Speaking for myself, I want the Yankees to be playing baseball in October.

Yankees inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner did promise that he is committed to winning, and I think it is about time to start.

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  1. magicmelvin3 says:

    Start from the top! Sell the team to someone like Mark Cuban , who has passion about sports, unlike the H&H brothers who just inherited a team and are effective as Obama. The smuck lawyers Levine and Trost have their jobs through nepotism and are not baseball or business people, Cashman's hands are tied and Gerardi can only use the tools he was given. Since the hitting and pitching suck, get rid of Long and Rothchild and if Geradi starts barking get rid of him too. Plan on playing without Jeter and Arod. So what the hell are they waiting for, this team need a complete restructuring

  2. mark says:

    First – there is no such "righty bat" available.Secondly,one,even two so-called "impact" players would not be enough to propel this disjointed,unbalanced team to a championship.
    The Yankees are in this awful position because they've tried to have their cakes [plural] and eat 'em too.They wanted to keep winning – keep adding marquee names to fill seats and bring in TV revs – AND try to work in new talent…all at the same time.As a result they neither broke in enough young talent [since Cano arrived] or acquired the "spare parts" vets they really needed.Now they truly have to go back to the drawing board and reconsider their entire strategy.If they don't bite the bullet on marquee names and take player development seriously they will remain mired in .500 ball,albeit with a handful of over-the-hill and damaged but well known names.

  3. Brian NY says:

    Come Aug 1st we will permanently be without Granderson so get used to it, and Hughes is likely to be following him. The plan is to get under the cap for next year and reset the luxury tax back to square 1. This will not happen if they spend 20+m on Cano, 20+m on Granderson, and 6+ on Hughes. Lets just face the facts that we are not going to win it all this or next year and get the team straight for a new long run.

  4. AaronSlick51 says:

    If they are serious about reducing the payroll, start by cutting Cashman loose on November 1st. On an earlier ESPN telecast, he said he wanted to emulate the Red Sox. 2 world championships in 94 years? Are you kidding me? Then, buy out all bad contracts (A-Rod, Tex, Fat Man Sabathia), add them to the 2013 payroll, and ask Pettitte and Jeter to retire. Promote a younger man from the player development dept. and concentrate on that. Let the 31-year-old Cano sign for 10 years with the Angels or Dodgers. I know it means growing pains for a few years, but we have lived through that twice before since 1964. It make winning sweeter.

  5. NY_Joe says:

    HOw can you even take this article seriously. What sports writer or even educated sports fan says a 3-4 loss?? My 5 year old even knows how to write or say the score correctly. It's a 4-3 loss to Baltimore.

    What was a power bat going to do that game? Yanks winning 3-0 in the sixth with CC pitching a no-hitter. It then all unravels in 15 mins all due to CC's pitching. The bona-fide top notch starters (CC,Kuroda,Pettite) have all been overworked to reduce the stress on the overperforming bullpen who needed to cover for the crappy backend starters (Hughes, Nova, Phelps, Nuno,etc). Girardi can't win whatever way he turns.

    Cano can't carry the lineup when they are able to pitch around him so easily. THere is no bonafide threat to protect him and it make the lineup easy to go through. Letting Cano go would be the dumbest possible personnel move.

    Losing Tex, Granderson, Jeter(freak injuries) and Arod(steroid induced) is just too much to overcome for any team.

  6. Jomarsky says:

    You write that you are not talking about "bringing in more has been veterans" and then you list the trade targets as Carlos Ruiz (a 34 year old catcher), Michael Young (past his prime at 36 years old), Justin Morneau (a broken-down 32 year old) and 41 year old Manny Ramirez. Is this some sort of bad joke?

    • Lolo says:

      Ok your new to this blog. If you read this often you will see she often contradicts herself in the next paragraph. We like to think of it as our Comedy Relief. Old, can't hit, can't field, sign them up!!!!!.

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