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Tiger Tiger On The Wall

Who would have could have guessed that Tiger Woods might be on the infamous steroid list?

Not many because it would be almost impossible, but you never know.

Tiger must realize that maintaining absolute silence, is an open door to presumptions. It makes hiding anything possible.

One would think that Tiger realizes that he needs to illustrate some guilt in person. Rather, he hides out like a wimp and gives no regard to his fans, the game of golf, nor his family.

Many would argue that this is a secluded Woods family affair. It is a valid point that Tiger is a person who over and deserves to be respected like any other citizen.

Well, sorry to bust your bubble Tiger but you are not just any other person.

Other than Michael Jordon, Woods is easily the most well-known living sports figure in the world. I still have yet to meet a living person who does not know his name. That reality is referring to just his first name only, Tiger.

So does this mean that Tiger should have his life on public display or any pro-athletes for that matter?

Yes, it does and it actually kind-of requires it.

When the super-human athletes make mistakes it can slide though public scrutiny if the athlete is genuinely sorry. Tiger’s situation which involves police, unexplained injuries and enough women coming forward to create a private brothel, demands it and the world deserves it.

What is so crazy is that Tiger’s people kept all of his cheating out of the spot-light for years. It boggles me even more that there advice now is to hide, not talk to police and have a report written on your website.

Instead, Tiger should have faced the world in a press conference, apologizing with no need to go into details, and then asking for our respect at this difficult time for his kids, wife etc.

When you have a gift for a sport like Tiger does it comes with responsibilities to be a role model. Everyone makes mistakes but for Tiger he is leaving his story in the hands of the numerous women coming forward and a devouring media to have their way with.

Top professional athletes are celebrities. Their posters, clothing lines and video games are being hung, worn and played by kids all over the world.

Our youth looks to pro athletes to get inspired, to try for their dreams and to look-up-to as the model for behavior. So if a person is going to obtain the benefits ($$$) and perks that comes with the above, then there is a particular responsibility to the world.

Coincidentally, at the same time when Tiger was showing us his true self, another athlete received a enormous honor for being everything Tiger is not.

Derek Jeter, our Yankee captain, was named the Sports Illustrated Man of the Year award. This award is as much about an athlete’s stats, as it is about their role and character. Jeter is a modest, subtle leader who has been on the Yankees his entire career.

Everyone in MLB respects him and the fans just downright out adore him. Jeter is all about family, and he repeats this forever. He understands the gift he was born with and by never taking it for granted.

Jeter writes the role rulebook when it comes to what is expected of him. Sure, Jeter has a few get-out-of-jail-free cards in his pocket but as long as he is representing the New York Yankees, the Steinbrenner family and the city of New York he will make us proud.

Let’s hope Tiger Wood’s is taking notes.

Golf is a sport where an person wins championships in his/her own spotlight. The game itself has so much history behind it. Golf is loved all over the world.

Tiger Woods is the best ever to pick-up a club. He dazzles spectators and colleagues constantly with his super-human strokes. Tiger is a winner, a international icon and a poster boy for the biggest name brands in the world.

Jeter unlike, Woods does not take his talent for granted.

The golfer, nor the baseball player could be running around with all these beautiful women if they were regular joes. That’s another difference between the two stars. The fact is one has a Mrs. Tiger Woods, along with two young impressionable children and the other is single.

Tiger’s family is clearly hurting from the star’s recluse behavior and constant absence. Guess the fans that bought tickets to Tiger’s golf tournament this coming weekend will feel abandonment by their idol now also.

Speaking frankly, I have never liked Tiger Woods. I have been amazed many times by his golf skills but his attitude displayed by throwing a club is just a turn-off. Whether it is a celebrity, athlete or the guy next door, cheating is cheating and when your married not many people will back you up no matter whom you are.

Sadly, this week the world lost an iconic person because his true colors and integrity are getting the hardest kind of test and he is failing thus far.

Tiger Woods is now known as an accomplished golfer, who has a crummy attitude and acts like he is entitled to it all. Guess the gold world will still await their best ever to come form someone else.

This is truly a heartbreaking loss for the sports world.

For fans, just realize he doesn’t care about us at all.



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