Three Playoff Headlines No Yankees Fan Wants To Read - Lady Loves Pinstripes Three Playoff Headlines No Yankees Fan Wants To Read - Lady Loves Pinstripes Three Playoff Headlines No Yankees Fan Wants To Read - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Three Playoff Headlines No Yankees Fan Wants To Read

The playoffs are about to start for the baseball world. Teams are claiming spots on the October schedule and others are looking towards next season.

The Yankees swept the Red Sox on Sunday to win the AL East. The first team to clinch a playoff berth but immediately followed the Cardinals winning the NL Central, the Dodgers clinched a spot and just minutes ago I caught the Angels winning the AL West.

It made me start to think of what the possibilities, which are endless, that could play out this October. The ideas quickly turned to waves of anxiety that started to absorb my thoughts.

Here are the three that no Yankee fan hopes never to have to read….

1. Watching the Angels win was not thrilling, as it was a complete accident as I was innocently tuning to ESPN hoping for Sports Center.

I was not paying attention as I was on the web surfing when I heard the screaming fans and looked up. It was Ian Kinsler at bat and the bottom ticker read 1 Out For Angels To Win The AL West. The score being 11-0 it was not a promising situation for the Rangers.

Subsequently, Kinsler grounded a ball to third and Figgins threw to first for the easy out. Then the celebration began. Watching it felt wrong but it also made me realize that the Yankees do not have to see the Angels first round.

The Angels are like being on the other end of having to face Ray Lewis in the NFL. Lewis is the scariest defender and the Angels are that team.

I hope that the headline will not read ANGELS SWEEP THE RED SOX! MESSAGE SENT TO YANKEES: BRING IT ON.

2. The second headline is purely out of spite for our old skipper Joe Torre.


Look, it was hard enough to be at Torre’s last game but that turned to betrayal fast after the release The Yankee Years.

Call it bitterness and that would be completely correct. The Dodgers are not as much of a threat because the only place the Yankees can meet Torre’s team would be in the World Series. Do no think the Dodgers will beat the Cardinals or the Phillies (if they make it).

I just hope that the Dodgers do not even win a game. As for their manager, Mr. Torre is not in it for the team or the game of baseball. Gaining the trust of players as people, only to take personal club house on-goings and exploit them for his own benefit is being nothing more than a traitor. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Sorry Mr. Torre but you do not hold a candle to the character of our new skipper, Joe Girardi.


It is safe to say this is common knowledge to anyone that no Yankee fan could stomach this.

After the embarrassment of being 8-0 to Boston earlier this season to only come back to finish 8-8 is only the icing on the cake.

This rivalry has built so many heart-breaking instances and revenges for decades that the list is endless.

The only thing that Red Sox and Yankee fans firmly agree is on is that neither wants the other team to win.

I love the history and the intense competition the games bring. It is much better to win in the end, especially for the loyalty of each teams fan base.

Some have described the feeling of losing to Boston along the lines like being dumped by a guy you really like, out of nowhere.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your perspective and only from a true fan!! Go Yankees!!

  2. Habs fan stuck near says:

    Hmmmm, I mean baseball is a catch 22. Anyone can take it in the playoffs you know. Hockey season is here, the Giants are truly turning heads and I couldnt feel any better.