This Giants Fan Thinks Rex Ryan Is A Genius - Lady Loves Pinstripes This Giants Fan Thinks Rex Ryan Is A Genius - Lady Loves Pinstripes This Giants Fan Thinks Rex Ryan Is A Genius - Lady Loves Pinstripes

This Giants Fan Thinks Rex Ryan Is A Genius

Sunday has become a favorite day of the week during the NFL season. This Sunday was no different but my Giants were the featured night game so I had the afternoon watch my Yankees.

Then I remembered that those Jets had talked so much trash all week about the New England Patriots. My first reaction was to feel badly for all my friends who are Jets fans.

Being a Jets fan in the last decade in NYC looked like a painful task. My encouraging words to think positively and then when you do win a Super-Bowl it makes it all worth it.

Hopeless faces would have a moment in which this came true. J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets…to only snap back to reality. Only had to look around and see the Giants jerseys everywhere to know who ruled the city.

When Rex Ryan started the intentional feud against Bill Belichick and his Pats, it took me by surprise. The Patriots and the Jets both AFC East teams could not have been more different. The Patriots are champions and the Jets lose.

Is this new coach a complete idiot? Is he trying to get his team killed or just wants to set a new NFL record for losing by the most points EVER in a game?

The comment turned into a full out attack by the Jets players. Declaring the fact of how the Patriots were doomed on Sunday. I just was so happy that my Giants were not the Jets.

As kickoff was just minutes away my phone rang and it was one of my Jets friends who was heading out to the Meadowlands for the game. He was so shocked as he got a voice-mail that morning from Rex Ryan asking for the fans to be louder than ever today for their Jets.

Now, with the Jets last few seasons it could not have been an easy task to ask of Jets fans. Just listening to the spark in my Jets pal’s voice had me realize, maybe this was just pure genius of Coach Ryan.


What did they have to lose as losing is nothing new to the Jets or their devoted fans.

The stadium was so loud at points the game had to stop three times. The fans stepped up to the plate but this time so did the Jets.

For a Jets fan, it must have been a feeling that had been long, long forgotten. Winning that game, talking that trash and realizing that the fans were still there it might have been a change for future years for the franchise.

My response to people asking me my opinion on the whole situation is that it was necessary and took courage to do. Either way the game could have ended up, the up side to the win was critical.


Dear Mr. Ryan,

I wanted to say welcome, to New York.

I am not a Jets fan (Giants) but your actions this past week were inspiring. I was genuinely happy for the Jets to finally win.

Being a Giants fan my loyalty is with Eli and company but nothing wrong with enjoying another team’s glories.

It speaks volumes as a new coach to have a team in which the players really play for you. That can takes years to build and some coaches cannot ever get the players motivated.

Like Coach Coughlin, tough love done fairly earns respect.

Now when you play my Giants this season it will actually be a football game.

All the best,


All the negative emails I never responded to, there is my answer.

The Jets finally have someone who believed in them before they won the first game in years that actually made a statement on Sunday. It was their Coach Rex Ryan.

The Giants had no one believe in them in the Super Bowl against the same team and then Coach Coughlin changed that.

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