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These Champs Are Not Chumps

The New York Yankees won their fifth straight series, sweeping a zombie-looking Texas Rangers in the Bronx this past weekend.

Whoever said Andy Pettitte had seen his best pitching days is eating their words right now.

After a rather frazzled third inning, allowing two Texas runs to score, Pettitte went on to retire 17 of 19 Ranger bats.

It’s hard to remember the last time Pettitte looked this good, pitching through eight innings, his second win and a team victory of 5-2.

Pettitte is physically not having some resurgence of power, he is just pitching smarter. His experience is immeasurable, and the best example was his former teammate Mike Mussina.

Mussina had his most successful season at 40 years old due to locating his pitches at slower speeds. It seems that coming to grips with father time and utilizing what you still have, not trying to get back what you lost is the ingredient for winning.

This game also saw Mark Teixeira‘s first home-run, a bomb into right field‘s second grade, during the third inning. It also tied the game up 2-2. If history proves itself, that is the first of many for the slugger.

Following Tex, rookie Ramiro Pena provided the additional security when he hit a single with two outs, scoring Arod and Posada and giving the Yankees the lead 4-2. Pena was playing shortstop for the Captain who has a slight cold, but expected to be back in the line-up on Tuesday in Oakland.

Right after the 2009 All-Star Break, this group has not skipped a beat and seem to be getting better with age.

It is obvious that this is a special Yankee group. Attitudes get checked at the door, but optionally which is why they keep winning.

With a reputation as a second-half ball-club, who prides themselves on playing catch-up is not taking any chances with their championship title this season. It is the ultimate Yankees jump to a season season since 1929.

This bunch enjoys having fun, and when your winning that is pretty much a guarantee. Still lots of baseball to go, but so far, very good.

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    1. D-Mets_Yanks says:

      Yanks look good! U nailed it on the head about Vazquez pitching problem in another post…great job!!

      Also, agree with the 'check attitudes at the door' theory, wish the Mets could do the same.