The Yankees Want To Thank Their Haters Too - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Yankees Want To Thank Their Haters Too - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Yankees Want To Thank Their Haters Too - Lady Loves Pinstripes

The Yankees Want To Thank Their Haters Too

When the honorable opportunity to wear Yankee pinstripes as a player, it is more than just a career uniform.

It is part of sports history that associates with distinction due to outstanding accomplishments.

On top of that, to represent New York City; a platform that comes with strong expectations. Everyone wants to make it and nobody wants to leave it.

Am I conceited?

Of course, I am a Yankee fan.

So to all the haters out there, I believe I owe you one. You help my Yankees remain in the main stream. As the saying goes, press is press, and you consistently deliver your time to my team.

In NY, the city and the players are immensely proud in pinstripes. Mainly, so are the fans and without that a team is not complete.

Who did our captain thank first?

The fans.
It is time to dismiss the petty attitudes, which reek of jealousy.

Reality is you are not changing anything that has happened in the past, but you still have the future.

The Yankees work just as hard as any other team. Mr. Steinbrenner would allow the shirt off his back if it could help in any way. The Boss is so proud and noble.
My advice to all Yankee haters:Altogether or separately the energy you spend on the Yankees (press is press) should and could be re-focused positively, on your team.

Obviously every team needs assistance to win their own World Series ring and it starts with the fans. Just look at the Red Sox fans since 1918 or the Cubs fans who show-up despite the outcome.

The anti-Yankee fans cannot give so much airtime and effort to a team they hate.

Try and imagine the only time your home ballpark is packed, is when certain visiting teams come to town. It must be tough to rise-up as a player.

Spirit is a huge pick-up but you have to show-up and thats half the battle won.

To defend the Yankee players, who pitch with the same balls and hit with the same bats, as every other MLB club. If the Yanks baseballs or gloves were made better because of their higher paychecks, then it is a valid argument. In reality, that’s just not the case.

Money does not come with comradeship, nor joy and certainly not a championship ring.

It is teamwork and total focus on the purpose. Winning the World Series takes undeniable output from every direction of an organization and that is a fact.
The anti-yankee fans favorite topic is about how the Yankees buy teams, spend so much more money then everyone and how it’s bad for baseball.

FYI, no one is stopping any other MLB team from spending whatever amount of money for players, stadiums etc. Boycott your owners for not spending the cash or if you are serious, just go look in the mirror.

Why spend when it doesn’t bring more fans; best to just pray your schedule has the Yanks, Red Sox, Mets visiting more each season.

The fans generate the revenue. In turn, money gets made, owners see potential from the rising fan-ship totals. Look, it’s never to late to buy a
few regular season tickets, because it has to start from somewhere.
(this picture is from after the game ended at old stadium’s last week in 2008; Yanks were already out of the playoffs)
Go to a game and help cheer on your ball-club, without seeing who their playing. Thats what fans do because you can’t just jump on the band-wagon last minute.
A true fan is sincere.Terrible or marvelous, the Yankee fans still appear in the Bronx.They might be yelling or booing but they are there each game, no matter what.

Go ahead and blame yourselves for giving the Yankees so much free advertisement. Again, I will refer to the saying, press is press.The ones most affected and who hurt the most, are the teams you pledge loyalty to as fans.

How is that possible?

ESPN: BBTN Yankees’ World Series Analysis

It is possible because the Yankees still win. And you anti-fans make the Yanks players are household names across the country, even if it is out of complete hate and anger.

Without the action from you, the haters, the Yanks would not be the most popular team in sports. Popular, of course, but not the headline and Sports Center hogs which you complain about non-stop. You help create the buzz and I thank you.

Finally, just go give your team a shot by bitching about their problems and make them the news. Focus your energy on the team whose hat you had since you were 15 years old. Be the leader  and people will follow by example, I promise you that.

Let the Yankee fans deal with their Yankees, and now we are the Champs. So stop trying to take that away from us and please, just leave my Yankees alone.

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