The Yankees Could Be Moving On Up....A Ton The Yankees Could Be Moving On Up....A Ton The Yankees Could Be Moving On Up....A Ton

The Yankees Could Be Moving On Up….A Ton

The Yankees are about as tight lipped as Tiger Woods, regarding who the team’s biggest crush is on right now.

Former New York Yankees player Hideki Matsui o...

Former New York Yankees player Hideki Matsui of the Los Angeles Angels is greeted by his former teammates at the Yankees’ World Series ring ceremony before their home opener. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the Yankees, it is more of a guessing game involving just a few names, a love contract and a new outfit.

“Tiger-Land” is the small country forming by the list of the Woods-Women is growing. This is at such a pace Woods could have his own 40-roaster before Cashman ever says a word.

Over in Yankee-Universe, the rides are getting older and the team needs to get some youth for next season.

This is not saying ability is based on age. Mariano Rivera is living proof at 40, along with 34-year-old Jeter who had a career year, and Arod who is the same age, has not even reached his ultimate potential.

Lately, as I read rumors everyday I started to go over stats, age, ability and attitude. A fact is that the team’s ability is undeniable heading into 2010 season but with some fresh stock it could be even greater.The Yankees need a player who….

1. Is a young, under the age of 26 would be nice.
2. Has played more then one season in the Majors.
3. Already displays obvious talent.
4. Has the potential to exceed expectations with some direction.
5. Needs to be an Outfielder.
6. *Fast On The Bases

*big factor

Tampa Bay Ray’s BJ Upton could solve this problem, with a close second going to St. Louis Cardinal’s Matt Holliday. BJ Upton is just 24 years old and had a good season considering he is coming off major shoulder surgery.

Upton’s 2009 season stats finished with a batting averageof.241, OBP .313, 55 RBI, 79 runs scores and an astonishing 42 stolen bases. His 2007 season was his best, hitting 24 home runs in addition to 82 RBI.

No one will deny the potential for this youngster and with the right direction the results could be enormous.Upton is Rays starting center fielder.


His range defensively is excellent but he has seemed sluggish and lazy more then just on one occasion. It would seem that a move to another ball club is just the spark this kid needs.

Upton ended 2009 season by dazzling the Bombers, as he hit for a cycle on a night when CC Sabathia was starting at the Trop. This was a first in regards to HUGE achievements for the youngster, and the first for the Rays organization as well.

What a nice confidence booster going into the off-season and gives BJ a lot to think about. Upton has the potential to be a big star. His attitude just needs some guidance and no better place to get it than in the Bronx.

Just a side-note…. Upton choose to wear his childhood idols #2 on his back. Hint; hint this player is on the Yankees, enough said.

Now what to do about Damon or Matsui?

One will go down as making one of the most historic plays ever in World Series history. The later, as the 2010 crowned MVP of the championship series.

Tough to swallow, and even harder to let go of because of what each one did for the Yankees team’s success.

To be honest if I were Damon I would go elsewhere. The Yankees are not showing him the love he deserves by showing him a contract already.

The Angels made this official by not wasting a minute in getting Bobby Abreau locked for the next two seasons, and a third year option. Let’s not forget the $19 million Abreau will pocket and he knows who loves him too.

With Damon’s exit becoming more possible each day, Yankees should reach out to Matsui ASAP. Matsui is not just a good overall hitter; Godzilla is one of the best.

There are not many players that can come through over and over and over again in pressure, game winning situations.

Jeter would not be Jeter if he were not such a clutch-hitter.

The only player on the Yankees that has ever been as consistent as the Captain is Hideki Matsui. That is fact and the World Series just echoed that to everyone.

Joe Girardi said he is not concerned about having a regular DH. Girardi likes to rest the everyday elders by letting them DH. That is so considerate of Joe, but none are as dependable as Hideki is at the plate.

Just watching Matsui’s demeanor is humbling. Hideki is the utmost professional and whether you are playing with him or against him, you respect him.

It is something that the Yankees should cherish because it is an example to follow. Hideki Matsui is rarified air in baseball and in America on the whole.

Just in case our skipper forgot how huge a role the DH plays; he was the MVP of the World Series. Girardi will miss the confident of having Godzilla’s bat off the bench next season.

The Yanks would be stupid not to give Matsui a contract for a year, with a second season option, if Damon goes elsewhere.

Damon will want more years and more money. Abreau surely is owed at least dinner from Damon for helping him with the leverage to demand it.

With super agent Scott Boras as his representative, Damon would not be allowed to take anything less. Hey, I don’t blame Boras or Damon; he is a darn good baseball player.

For now it’s just a matter of time before the debates will begin over the choices Cashman and crew make.

One thing that Yankee fans are thrilled to cheer regarding next season is……… WELCOME BACK ANDY!!!!