The Yankees Biggest Problem, Solved! - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Yankees Biggest Problem, Solved! - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Yankees Biggest Problem, Solved! - Lady Loves Pinstripes

The Yankees Biggest Problem, Solved!

Another game, another nail bitter for the Yanks tonight playing the heavy hitting Texas Rangers.

It is starting to become almost surreal, win or lose the way this Yankee team fights till the end. Heck, watching the game I even gave-up when the scoreboard showed 5-10, bottom of the ninth.

For all Yankee fans out there, it is starting to make us look pathetic giving up when our team isn’t.

The team deserves us to be better fans and that must start today!

The Bombers are leading the AL East by six games and have the most wins in all of baseball right now with 78 in total.

If that isn’t enough our beloved Captain, Derek Jeter is looking like the MVP award is more in his reach now than when the talk started a few weeks back.

That is the ultimate dream for Yankees fan. Jeter is our pride. This man is on our team. I sure don’t like the fact he has been voted shy of this honor before when it was well deserved. Fans should scream the “MVP” chants louder then ever before for Jeter is out ego too.

The fans matter and it is easy to forget how true a statement that is. Fans inspire in any aspect and that goes for not only sports but in life. Winning is for all involved and this team deserves us to be better.

Listen to what Nick Swisher said after tonight’s lose, “Well, half the stadium left before the ninth inning started.”

Swisher summed it up. He noticed and with all of the above included, the Yankees fans heard it. At least this one did.

As of tonight, the races are still going. Yanks still have a comfortable six game lead over Boston Red Sox.

The Rangers, by winning keep themselves just a shy one and a half games behind in the Wild Card. You don’t have to look much further to see that the Tampa Bay Rays are right there and making a run at it.

The Rays still should be just as feared because the potential has been seen and no team wants to face last years Rays.

The Yankees didn’t worry me as much when the bats came to life in the ninth to almost have another come-back win.


The Yankee team is continually fighting. And when a team’s odds go up in situations, like tonight’s game against Texas, that can only be a good thing.

Let’s just cheer so the AL East divisional race gets won with a little room left to breathe. It can be gone so quickly that it will seem like it never was.

All the proof for that can be seen over in Colorado, as the Dodgers are about to be dethroned by a determined team known as the Rockies.

Wouldn’t mind seeing our old Joe get some new material for book #2….How To Collapse.

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