The Yankees Are Just Tigers Waiting In The Woods - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Yankees Are Just Tigers Waiting In The Woods - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Yankees Are Just Tigers Waiting In The Woods - Lady Loves Pinstripes

The Yankees Are Just Tigers Waiting In The Woods

Could this really be the team to win #27?

Should I keep my mouth shut as nothing in set in stone yet?

Yes and yes.

Let me tell you it is difficult as a Yankees fan to keep my excited subdued.

How could anyone not look at this team in awe of the team spirit alone. In addition to many a Yankee team that might slip and look like a team of over hyped players as they did last night, only to continually prove it was a lapse in judgment.

The Oakland A’s shut out the Bombers last night for the second loss in a row for the Yanks. It can make everyone turn-on any team were the words like “slump”, “..lose two in a row” and my favorite “the pitching cannot hold up through first round of playoffs”.

Any sports team will get criticized by the media and fans when their on top and fall even if it’s only two games.

This applies to any MLB team but especially to my Yanks.

Why? Simply because the Yankees are winners and nothing gets the attention like when the champs or the best team get dethroned.

A good example of that just happened at the PGA Championship this past weekend. Tiger Woods, a literally living legend, lost on the 18th hole to Y.E. Yang. This was Yang’s first major win ever, could be his last too.

For Woods, this is not his downfall, nor is Tiger never going to win a major again and that I can promise you. Tiger has 64 total PGA wins and 14 of them are major events only four held annually on the tour.

Sports news broadcasts around the world were more focused on the fall of Tiger instead of history that the first Asian ever win a PGA major had just happened.

Tiger had major surgery on his knee and the man won five tournaments already this year but just missed this major by two strokes.

Woods was right there, leading mostly. But if he wasn’t in the forefront, all know that if Tiger is on the main leader board, even in tenth place, it is his tournament to be had a lot of the time.

It is stupid to think Tiger is not that golfer anymore. Maybe I was stupid thinking my Yankees were not that team anymore. Surely not going to go out like Yang probably will; winning one with meaning but all the focus on the Red Sox losing instead.

Kinda sounds like a baseball team with 27 championships and that was a dynasty not to many years ago deserves more credit, just as Tiger does too.

So, as not to sound like the baseball season is over and have already started to talk about #28, I will keep my sanity.

Will it be hard?

Sometimes because it all seems so perfect right now. Some facts to back:

– CC pitched a heck of a game through 8 innings, at under 100 pitches is why the Yanks wanted him so badly.

– Dave Robertson got himself out of a trouble tonight. Two A’s were on base with one out and it looked like a third was about to be added. Mo was ready to run in when the youngster took control and pitched his way to strike out Mark Ellis. That is not an easy task and this 24 year old is getting confident. Mo took a seat after that. Watch Robertson, as he will just keep getting better.

– first team to reach 75 wins this season.

– the bats were what they have consistently been with no major slumps; I think of it as being tired sometimes. Melky had his 20th double of the year and our Captain is just the man.

– Matsui seems to be playing again but probably not back to 100% but in the majors who really is. Glad to see Godzilla back. Hope that if he needs rest to take it now as Matsui is essential down the stretch.

So, last year was the Yankee Team who ended the season, like Tiger ended this past Sunday. Both champions in their own rights and not done just yet.

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