The word of the day....HIT!! - Lady Loves Pinstripes The word of the day....HIT!! - Lady Loves Pinstripes The word of the day....HIT!! - Lady Loves Pinstripes

The word of the day….HIT!!

This is not a new problem for the Yankees…..

just a fact that we are leaving our pitchers out to dry by not scoring runs and my pet peeve is when we leave runners on bases constantly, the last two seasons especially. I actually have hung out with Kevin Long a few times and he is a stand up guy, one of the best hitting coaches in baseball….and he does his job, well!! We have a lineup made-up of the premier players so I have many questions….

  1. Could it take the pressure off cause Tex and Arod cause they are 3 and 4??
  2. Jeter and Damon are doing there jobs….so with Jeter out with hamstring (which I hope is not much worse cause DJ does not miss games); Damon is it; and he is doing it as well as can be so maybe cause the pressure is off of him?? Damon has barely had slumps and he did have 1 last year but it was brief, so whats your secret??? Please pass the note to your teammates asap…..thx.
  3. Is it possible that they need to shake this line-up around and Girardi needs to start playingCano and where Tex is and move up Matsui??
  4. This is just not working and watching this game against Toronto in the bottom of the 8th is just frustrating!! I know Halladay is great but AJ has pitched well enough but we cannot win without our hitters. I am so sick of watching players left on base but tonight we cannot even get on the bases to be stranded.
  5. I know everyone wants to win but I am even about to start to cheer with the Blue Jays fans…’Yankees Suck’!!! I try to keep calm yesterday with the idea that this was going to turn around but if we cannot hit against Halladay we are sitting ducks with Scott Kashmir and Santata will rip us in the Subway Series. Or when we face Kansas City…….I am sad to admit that I am starting to get scared now. Let’s just hope the Yankees are too!!!!
  6. Just to add…..I have a new favorite player, Ramiro Pena. He is talented and the kind of talent where jealousy is the optimal word for it!!! He will be one to watch, that is a promise!!!