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The Rules That Saved An Arm But Hurt A Head

The impression that the Yankee organization has portrayed in their actions with Joba Chamberlain is starting to look desperate.

Desperate because it makes no sense more than ever after observing tonight’s wash-out while facing Roy Halladay, the Toronto Blue Jay ace. Joba cannot go into the game with the knowledge that by the fourth inning his job is done.

At least by the standards Joba, which are expected by the way he is treated with such concern by the Yanks.

Joba has made it clear that he goes out there, gets through his innings dictated to him and that is fine. The element of not knowing might make this kid succeed more because the goal is to win. Right now the goal seems to focus on the number of innings or how many pitches he is allowed to throw; instead of going deep into games, hopefully leading your team to a win.

It can be compared to letting kids go to school still sucking their thumbs. Then going as far in making sure they washed their hands with soap so the thumb tastes extra good in their mouthes. If we started encouraging child-like behaviors it takes away from the process of growing-up.

Joba was moved from normal fifth day start to every eighth day, only to flip it again a week later, back to regular five-day rotation again. That is entails three to four innings most for the kid in each start.

That puts a lot of pressure for the bullpen to carry games and innings. And for now, closing the game as well is on the middle-men’s shoulders with Mo resting his leg.

Where does that leave Chamberlain for the rest of the season? He will not be ready for a starting role in the post season. The kid was struggling most of the season with getting deep into games already.

Facing Holladay tonight, one of the best pitchers who was on fire it was almost a given that he was going to take the loss. Not smart because it has to mentally mess with his young and budding confidence level.

The Joba rules are turning into a mess because the Yanks don’t seem to know what this is leading to down the road. The result or the goal would help me understand where this is all leading too.

The commotion better be worth it because it could go badly and the person who gets affected is Joba. The Yankees will always be the Yankees.

Where is Sergio Mitre? He got hit on his left arm, not his pitching arm and the x-rays were negative in the first game he pitched really well in. Wouldn’t that seem to be a possibility that showed some promise, finally?

Guess it is just frustrating to watch because it makes no sense. Hey I will be the first one to say I am wrong if something worth while comes out of this. Maybe it’s the Yankee genius that has such an incredible outcome that no one saw coming?

I won’t hold my breath but an explanation would be appreciated so I can stop pondering Joba all the time.

The Yankees have always had the motto that the current season is the focus, not next year or the following but now. So, how is Joba going to help this season?

Let’s just hope Joba gets it because it will be his downfall if this keeps up longer.

Now the “Hughes Rules” will be starting next season from what I have read. I know he has more than two pitches but so did Mariano when he was a rookie. Hughes is already good where he is so why not have the great Rivera mentor him next season, and hopefully another.

Guess we will all start playing the waiting game, now.

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