The Pre-ALCS Starts Tonight - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Pre-ALCS Starts Tonight - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Pre-ALCS Starts Tonight - Lady Loves Pinstripes

The Pre-ALCS Starts Tonight

When the season started the Red Sox looked like the team to beat. Boston took the first eight games against the Yankees and at the All-Star break were in first by three.

Since the All-Star break the Yankees have given all of baseball a message, that this team wants to win. Boston has fallen back the last two months having injuries in all the wrong places.

It was becoming just a little long to be a slump, the idea that the Yankees might have cast a spell started to sink in.The last two weeks Boston has started to look like themselves again. I would be stunned if they did make the playoffs but that’s what that are playing for this weekend.

The Boston Red Sox came into New York today still not officially in the post season. Even with the Yankees guarantee for October, this is a series that is more like a preview of what’s to come.

In words or instructions by our Captain, Jeter has said no celebrating because the team wants the division and that is not looked down. That would give the Yanks the top spot and could play most likely Detroit in the Bronx. The other option is Angels in Anaheim. No one wants that to happen and the reasons are evident.

Sending Boston to California fist round would be ideal but who would the Yanks rather face if they win the first round.?

I will be able to answer that after this series. Both teams are playing well and it is the fairest of their match-ups thus far.

Pitching will decide these games. Boston is on fire from the mound and the only real issue is Joba. On the schedule it is his night but it has been said that CC Sabathia might start which is five days because of the off day yesterday. AJ pitched lights out on Wednesday and with the extra day makes CC an option it would be idiotic to use Joba.

Home field would give the Yankees the assurance that this could happen in the playoffs because Joba is not showing any sign short of getting worse.

This could be the same teams fighting in two weeks in the ALCS. Finally, the old school match-up that baseball fans have missed dearly.

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