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The Drama Of Being Alex Rodriguez

Why am I even bringing up something that could hinder the New York Yankees?

Call it paranoia, but it is  justifiable based on past experience.

See, growing up in New York City I have learned the hard way that it is better to have the attitude….hope for the best, but expect the worst.

It could also be attributed to just plain old luck running out, which might be due to being brainwashed by ESPN.

What I am talking about  just at one player’s off the field behavior.  That guy is Alex Rodriguez.

Arod has created a media circus since he has worn Yankee pinstripes. From opting out of contract mid-Word Series, to cheating on his wife with the likes of Madonna to getting no love from fans.

Arod’s biggest surprise came at the start of Spring Training 2009.  The truth came out of Arod’s steroid use and became public knowledge. Just a few month’s prior, Arod had adamantly denied on national TV that he had ever taken anything to enhance his performance on the field.

Arod’s own public omission and apology was genuine, in my opinion. It was evident on his face and in his performance last season.

Yes, people were hurt and felt betrayed by Arod, I personally did not.

Just think, if you were in was in Arod’s shoes, would probably have tried PEDS?

It was not banned in Major League Baseball, and it was fairly common thing. How could you not be tempted?

It had no implications at the time, except a promise to play better, leading to becoming richer and increasing your fan base. Being young and dumb also played a role too.Now that, Arod has his World Series ring, his troubles both on the field and off the field seemed to be a dull roar. This brief time-out did not last long, as now Arod might be in even bigger trouble now.

During this past off-season, Arod went to see a Canadian sports doctor named Dr. Anthony Galea. Dr.Galea is renowned for a technique called blood spinning, which was immensely successful in treating injuries at a much higher rate.

Arod has recent had hip surgery in April of 2009 preformed by Dr. James Andrews.  Then Arod went to see Dr. Galea, who admits to treating him.

Arod did not inform the Yankees or anyone that he was seeking help from another doctor.

It just seems a little strange right?

It is just stupid considering his current position. Arod owed that basic respect to the Yankees, who backed him the first time this happened. I would have called Bud Selig just to cover any possible suspicion.

Why would Arod not notify the distinct parties?

If Arod knew it was legitimate visit, and was an aid in his hip’s recovery process than he must be a moron. This had to have crossed his mind.

Dr. Galea is no stellar character, as he has supposedly made visits to elite athletes in all genres. Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Jose Reyes are just a few patients who Dr. Galea has treated.

Now that Dr. Galea is busted for red-handedly smuggling PEDS across US and Canadian borders, it will destroy a lot more than just Arod’s career.

Dr. Galea could be the Bernie Madoff of the sports world, uncovering devastating blows that will take years to recover from and gaining fans trusts back.

If Arod did in fact take PEDS supplied by Dr. Galea, I would expect a 50-game suspension would be the punishment. It seems to be the norm when getting busted in MLB.

It would not surprise me at all if this horror plays out. I wish I had more faith in Arod to back him up, but the trust was lost.

Trust is the easiest thing to waste, but the hardest to get back again.

Beyond anything else, it was utterly selfish toward his teammates. Arod would shred any respect left in the Yankees clubhouse, this I can guarantee if anything comes from this situation.

The newly, re-born Alex Rodriguez could be up for an Oscar if this unfolds badly because he had me fooled.

I hope it goes well for Alex Rodriguez, because the Yankees need him now more than ever.

This could wreck the Yankees hopes to make the World Series again, considering the state of the team right now.

This is just not cool of Arod.

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