The Depressed West VS. The Eager East - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Depressed West VS. The Eager East - Lady Loves Pinstripes The Depressed West VS. The Eager East - Lady Loves Pinstripes

The Depressed West VS. The Eager East

Game three of the NLCS wrapped up tonight, with Philadelphia Phillies beating the L.A. Dodgers and taking the 2-1 lead in games.

Watching what resembled more of a batting practice, the Phillies scored 11 runs. Phillies Cliff Lee and his divine arm struck out 10 of Torre’s Dodgers. Lee’s performance was outstanding, tying a NLCS and franchise record for most KO’s in a playoff game since 1980.

On Saturday, back in the Bronx the Bombers had a nail biter again. Luck might seem to be abundant with the Yanks taking game two from the Angels in the bottom of the 13th inning.

Both teams made errors, but the Yankees took advantage of it and just fought harder.

The Angels have the expression of a team in shock since arriving in freezing, raining New York for the weekend. Maybe the sequence of events was already determined by for Los Angeles? Abreau could be homesick as it looks like he is going to cry at the plate cause it is certainly not hitting.

In the Angeles defense, everything Yankee is everything scared of the Angels.

The Yankees could have an Oscar nod if this cycle continues in the direction of games one and two. Win or lose the Angels downright suck the life out of the Yankees. Whether it is home or away, for years this was the pattern up until precisely these last two games.

Maybe it is a new trend on the west coast as the Dodgers looked just as shell shocked in Citizen Bank Park.

The east coast teams disagree entirely. Players eyes fill-up with fierce determination, along with never-quitting attitudes consumed with the desire to win.

Both LA clubs have attitude. Nothing new in Angel-land but for the Dodgers the moment that pen hit the ink of Manny signing his contract.

Both California teams need to make a 180′ directly to go back into this two series. Losing games due to error, instead of the opponent winning, is a road no team wants to go down. It is a downward spiral, especially when you arrive as one of the best.

Maybe if they has a mascot like the Phanatic it would lift spirits up? The Phillies mascot can be quite the spectacle and Manny might be jealous?

The Phillies and the Yankees are not going anywhere, and nor are their attitudes.

Anything can change in this environment The west coast that needs a wake-up call or else the dreams of Freeway World Series will become just that.

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