The 3 Teams of the American League East - Lady Loves Pinstripes The 3 Teams of the American League East - Lady Loves Pinstripes The 3 Teams of the American League East - Lady Loves Pinstripes

The 3 Teams of the American League East

The American League Eastis hands down going to be the toughest division race, yet again. I am not

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saying this cause I am a Yankees fan but as a baseball fan. The top three teams being Tampa, Boston and New York are all loaded with star players, old rivalries and new ones that have started.

The second half, the middle-man being the All-Star break of this long baseball season begins and with it comes a fresh start. Let the races begin….

The Rays are hungry as they tasted what it is liek to get to the Championship and how awesome it is to win, they learned that first-hand watching the Phillies celebrate a tough world series for both teams played well. I have said it all season that these Rays are hungry, young and so talented I almost slip-up on the teams name. “Talented Bay Rays” are hungry and it looks like the sneak attack has begun.
The average age is 26 and already household names with Longoria, Crawford, Garza, Shields, Uptown, Pena and that is just to name a few.

MY ADVICE: All in the Rays path better get ready cause watch out, cause here they come.

The Red Sox are the new Yankees. They have been solid and consistent all season never really hitting a slump like most teams. Everyone participates, all the players are good.

The most vital part is this team, with only a few minor changes has won twice in the last five years (2004 & 2007) with this same group for the most part. Why change something that works so well. Pedroia, Ellisbury, Bay, Youkillis, Drew all home-grown and what a crop.

MY ADVICE: Manny was Boston’s biggest issue and that was addressed. Not much else as it seems to be working just fine.
Now my Yankees, you either love them or hate them. I mean I feel for the non-Yankee and I see why the jealousy was masked by hate. The Yanks are rich and sure like to spend, spend, spend. And a decade and then some the Yanks would also win, win, win too.

Hey but the last few years proved that something called teamwork has nothing to do with the bigger paychecks. Teams either work together or not. All-stars, rookies, pitchers, catchers, utility guys etc mesh or clash. I think anyone knows that its how much respect you have for your co-workers out-of the office makes work more enjoyable. Finally the Yankees are having a good time due to the additions of AJ, CC, The Swish, Hinske, Garner, my hero Teixeria, Pena as the bench coach and just the group as a whole makes it so much harder to watch them struggle as a fan. Richer or poorer my Yankees deserve to be there as much as any-other team and the haters keep on hating cause the Boys from the Bronx came to fight to win.

MY ADVICE: Hopefully Cashman is confident with our team as I think another big move (Halladay) brings the whiff of lack of confidence which I believe will at the least subconsciously hurt this team.
Hopefully during the tougher moments the players keep picking themselves up because of the guy next to them and it is enough. It should keep the Yankees attitude where it should be because they are that good this year. I don’t see the spirit fading anytime soon!
Even the haters are pissed for having another thing to hate about my dear Yankees. Why? The hunger is back again and there is no denying something everyone can clearly see.


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