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The 3 Secrets On How To Dominate A Universe

The Yankees win tonight is #90 for the team this year, a far cry from last season’s finish.

It is safe to say that the money spent in the off-season was well worth it as the Yankees are playing well, consistently.

Here are three factors to this teams undeniable success this season.

1. Phil Hughes had begun the season in the starting pitching rotation. Hughes got disregarded a lot due to all the concentration on his fellow comrade Joba Chamberlain, who was grasping the entire spotlight. This fact is a huge reason, if not the main one, to the current success of Hughes.

The ‘Joba Rules’ might had saved Joba’s arm but it surely hurt his head. The Yankees had no rules on Hughes and due to injuries they moved the starter to the bullpen to set-up for the great Mariano Rivera.

This was a move that at first seemed desperate but has proven to be the key to the team’s success.

Since Hughes has been the 8th inning guy and occasional closer the team has just fallen into place.

Clearly this change has been pivotal to the beating the Yankees bestow on opposing teams.

Hughes has been practically un-hittable. This is while displaying confidence of a veteran and has deemed to be as deserving if not more than Joba to his important for the team in the future years.

2. Mark Teixeira was one of the most sought after free agent in the off-season. A switch-hitting, 1st baseman with a proven track record of super-star.

Tex has fit in perfectly and put up excellent numbers this season with the Yankees as a batter and with his defense at 1st base.

Going from Giambi and the slew of utility players the passed few seasons to Tex, just highlights his abilities in the field. He is one of the most talented players and the Yankees filled a spot that was obviously more desperately needed than originally thought.

MVP award is definitely in this player’s reach this season.

3. CC Sabathia is a monster. Not only referring to his height of 6’7 but his abilities as a pitcher.

Sabathia is a badass. He can throw for strikes, go deep into games and has no problem throwing 100+ pitches each outing.

Sabathia also is a main reason that this Yankee team is having so much fun. He has been the guy who has made sure that off the field the team hangs out. Sabathia spent $60k in Cleveland for the team to attend the playoff game of the Cavaliers. I was watching the NBA game that night. To see the Yanks in street clothes, laughing with one another and enjoying each other’s company by choice is not seen enough around team sports.

Cy Young talk has started around CC but I do not think that is a surprise to anyone.

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