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Playing Against The Yankees In a Red Sox Nation….

  Tonight’s game was just was pretty uneventful except for the few minutes where the Yanks were actually losing to the worst team in baseball. I was actually joking earlier today with a friend that the Nationals would probably sweep the Yankees knowing how the Yankees luck was at a teetering point lately. Why would […]

Dare I Even Blog To This…….

Wow did the Yankees ever waste my time tonight and I thought I was watching a different team. Pretty scary when you think about Yankees line-up of yesterday compared to what I witnessed tonight. As of the past 6-7 weeks the Yanks have been absolutely destroying teams in their way and good teams to back […]

Is Kim Jones a Yankees Fan???

As I was watching the tonight’s game (another nice win!!) I had a flashback from the playoffs in the 2007 season. Envision this…the Yankees against the Indians in Cleveland, as they were the wild card team. It was right before the start of game one or two. My Yanks lost both games so what’s the […]

I Hate When I Forget……

I almost started to forget that we are the New York Yankees!!! And how lucky we are as fans!! Here is the truth to what and why I was forgetting the above…. As for not making the playoffs last year, the first time in 14 seasons, also the new feeling of losing hope and it […]

Here Come The Yanks!!!

Wow!!!    I am talking about the first 2 games against the Twins…..just in case you missed out on watching, here are brief updates: Friday – I was not happy when Damon, who is out best hitter thus far, got ejected in the 3rd inning. The umpire was making crapy calls for the entire at-bat. So, […]

Ranting, Instead of Respecting…

As a Yanks fan it is understood bias…..so when we lose a game, like last night it becomes frustrating to watch. I went on and on about how the Yanks screwed it up and even went as far as to make some suggestions. I want perfection when I watch the Yanks play and in the […]