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Subway Series: Who’s Gonna Run This Town Tonight

The Yankees host the Mets this weekend, for part two of the Subway Series. With both New York teams are flirting with first place in their respected division, in addition to the usual fan pride, winning this series is essential. The pitching match-ups are about the only thing that looks the same. The two teams […]

New York Yankees Ruin A Perfect Halladay

Every MLB team lives in fear of facing Phillies stud Roy Halladay. As a Toronto Blue Jay, Halladay had crushed the New York Yankees for 12 seasons. So, when Halladay was traded to the Phillies last season, it was a huge relief and very happy farewell for the Yankees. AL hitters practically packed Roy’s bags […]

ALCS GAME ONE: It's Starting To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas season is months away, but abnormally cold temperatures in NYC in addition to taking the first game in the ALCS Friday night, sure felt like it in the Bronx. The stadium was freezing. Everyone bundled up but the fans enthusiasm was at an all time best. The team followed as the Yankees beat the […]

Air Jordan’s Jeter Captain: Two Legends Both Honored

Happening almost simultaneously last Friday night, the sports world witnessed two tremendous athletes accomplish milestones. Michael Jordan got the highest recognition which no player in the NBA ever deserved more by being inducted into basketball’s Hall of Fame. The critics came out almost immediately by hacking away at Jordan’s speech and claiming Jeter’s record still […]