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Baseball’s One-Third Season Report Card

Officially, the 2010 baseball season is one-third complete. What does it mean? Nothing close to forecasting the post-season, but teams should identify themselves by now. A few teams can already call it a season, but the majority of teams can still dream of a World Series. Even if, your team’s chances might look bleak, fans […]

Yankees Happy To Leave Toronto

   The Yankees were happy to leave Toronto, after their first visit with the Blue Jays over the weekend. This series provided a lot to think about in regards to what the Yankees are dealing with regarding strengths and issues. Losing the first two games was making the Yankees look like has-beens. Thanks to Javier […]

Baseball Finally Got Some Respect

Accomplishments, both professionally and personally, are the most gratifying events that inspire us to keep on doing our best. Sometimes you can get so close to a goal, you can taste it. As disappointing as life can be, if you tried your best no one is going to judge you. In regards to professional sports, […]