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Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants Need To Outsmart “The Belistrator”

Like most New Yorkers and New Englanders, I’ve got Super Bowl XLVI on the brain. Now that the Giants and Patriots are officially both in Indianapolis, the anticipation level among fans here in New York is getting pretty crazy. Las Vegas bookmakers have picked the Giants to lose on Sunday, but coming in as the […]

New York Yankees: Jets Rex Ryan Should Copy Skipper Joe Girardi and Coach Tom Coughlin

The inevitable finally happened this past weekend, as the New York Jets collapsed on their faces when the fans were promised a Super Bowl, again. Anyone—other than delusional Jets fans—saw this one coming because Jets coach Rex Ryan has made this promise for three years now and has not delivered. What started out as inspiring for […]

NFL Week 16: Vick Becomes Human And Dogs The Giants Again

Philadelphia Eagles superhuman QB Michael Vick sure looked human tonight as his team lost 24-14 to the Minnesota Vikings, at home in Pennsylvania. Vick was in obvious pain against Minnesota, specifically Vikings Jared Allen who had his number all night long. After the embarrassment Vick single-handedly put on the Giants in Week 15, He just […]

Giants vs. Eagles: New York Gets Vick-Timized Again by Philadelphia

With just eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, New York Giants fans were having a grand old time at the Meadowlands yesterday. The Giants defense had been relentless against their division rival Philadelphia Eagles and Eli Manning had yet to let things get of hand. Holding up the Eagles dynamic duo of Michael Vick and […]