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New York Yankees: Falling Asleep Watching The Red Sox Sweep

Getting swept is not fun for any team that. Doing it at your home ballpark, in front of your fans makes it sting a lot more. Add the above to the culprits are your team’s biggest rivals, and what is even worse…this is not the first time, but the second time it has happened in […]

New York Yankees: Time To Send The Red Sox Back To Boston In Second Place

The Boston Red Sox have officially knocked the New York Yankees out of first place in the AL East, as they jump ahead by one game. In order to get there, the Red Sox had to beat the Yankees seven out of the eight times they have played this season. Wow, sounds like the Red […]

New York Yankees: Can CC Sabathia Beat Josh Beckett? Please.

Returning home is supposed to be a good thing, right? At least I thought so, especially when your home is called Yankee Stadium. Well, someone might want to send that memo to Yankees skipper Joe Girardi so he can inform his players. Preferably before Thursday night, as the Boston Red Sox will be looking to […]

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Burnett To Square Off Against Wakefield

It was a blisteringly hot day in New York on Tuesday, and by game time, the evening provided no relief. It did not stop Yankee fans from packing into the Stadium. A well-deserved welcome home for their first-place team from a successful road trip, and hoping to cheer the Yankee players to victory as they […]

New York Yankees: Boston Massacre To Begin As Red Sox Are In Town

It is no secret that the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox did not look like themselves up until now; because as of a month ago both ball-clubs fans shared the same serious concern. Well it seems that both veteran-filled roasters just needed some added time to warm-up and the AL East is starting […]

Reviewing Top Three American League East Teams

The AL East is proving itself worthy of it’s reputation as the toughest division in baseball.It is difficult to imagine the post-season will be without either the Yankees, Red Sox or Rays, who have each have won the ALCS the last three seasons. (2007-BRS; 2008-TBR; 2009-NYY)Let’s take a look at this three-headed-beast: Boston Red SoxThe Boston Red […]