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The Drama Of Being Alex Rodriguez

Why am I even bringing up something that could hinder the New York Yankees? Call it paranoia, but it is  justifiable based on past experience. See, growing up in New York City I have learned the hard way that it is better to have the attitude….hope for the best, but expect the worst. It could […]

Master Phil

CONGRATULATIONS TO PHIL MICKELSON, THE 2010 MASTERS CHAMPION!! With all eyes on Tiger Woods and a crowd that would rival a soccer game, Phil Mickelson stuck to his game. Never trying to gain attention, and after a tough year off-the-course, Phil choose the game second without hesitation. An athlete whose priorities are in tact is […]

Tiger Woods: The Winner Who Was Never A Champion

On February 19th, the world stopped to listen to Tiger Woods. People wanted to see if he was genuinely concerned. Tiger owed us that, and whomever says it is a private matter is an idiot. Tiger is the most recognized athlete in the world, with genuine ability to praise. His marriage is between him, his […]

WHAT A DECADE: Part One – For The Love Of Sports

Looking back on the last 10 years, you forget how much has happened that is now a part of sports history. What accomplishments or events did fans’ get to watch that will never be forgotten? It seems that athletes off the field antics caused most of the buzz, a few examples being Michael Vick, Jason […]

The Yankees Could Be Moving On Up….A Ton

The Yankees are about as tight lipped as Tiger Woods, regarding who the team’s biggest crush is on right now. For the Yankees, it is more of a guessing game involving just a few names, a love contract and a new outfit. “Tiger-Land” is the small country forming by the list of the Woods-Women is […]

Tiger Tiger On The Wall

Who would have could have guessed that Tiger Woods might be on the infamous steroid list? Not many because it would be almost impossible, but you never know. Tiger must realize that maintaining absolute silence, is an open door to presumptions. It makes hiding anything possible. One would think that Tiger realizes that he needs […]