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The Yankees: Not The Headlines At The Trade Deadline, Finally!

Should Cashman Have Gotten Halloday? Is it true that Cliff Lee or Jarod Washburn are not in pinstripes? Guess time will tell if Cashman will still have a job next year….but it was time for the Yankees to try something different and in the perfect position to take a back seat. The Yankees were the […]

Hey Yankees Motto Is You Win Some, You Lose One

What a nice seven game win streak the Yankees had been on till our loss tonight in the third game to Seattle Mariners. The Yankees won two out of three to takes the series. In response to the loss just as Girardi said after the game these athletes are human beings who can’t win every […]

The Joba Rules.

What to do with Joba? Hopefully it will not cause a great deal of a divide between the team and between fans. Look, this is a serious debate and could be the reason the Yankees or the path of the rest of this season, so yes it’s ok to see both sides of the plate […]