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MLB: The Final Four

Unlike past October’s, for the first time in years the final four teams that remain are the top four in baseball. It will something not to miss as any one of the teams has a shot to win. There is no currently hot team making a run of it; all four are hot and loaded […]

Playoff Pleasure Is Such A Treasure

This 2009 October baseball post-season, is by far at its very best. Eight teams, eight possible World Series Champions, marked by the emotions behind all this genuine talent displayed by each team. It can’t get much better than this. Here are a few observations that have stuck in my mind. 1) The Umpires need to […]

Three Playoff Headlines No Yankees Fan Wants To Read

The playoffs are about to start for the baseball world. Teams are claiming spots on the October schedule and others are looking towards next season. The Yankees swept the Red Sox on Sunday to win the AL East. The first team to clinch a playoff berth but immediately followed the Cardinals winning the NL Central, […]