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Don't Start A Slump, Chumps!!!

What MLB Team is leading the AL East right now? My Yankees; for now at least as only a half a game separates a Boston takeover. Boston won, Tampa won and the Yanks lost the third game in a row to the White Sox. Tonight AJ Burnett got burned early on and it was 6-0 […]

Three Quick Thoughts, Five Minutes Before Critical Tampa Series Starts

1. The Tampa Bay Rays seem to be creeping up. It has been a slow process but Joe Madden is making sure his team is in reach. My bet is that this young, talented ball club will pounce and it will happen fast. Lets not forget where the Yankees just were in the standings at […]

Tonight: Yankees Lost To The Devils

Maybe, it’s only reasoning I can conclude for the sloppy mess of a game I stayed up to watch. It has to be a mental issue with the Yankees losing for years to the Angels. Torii Hunter and Vladimir Guerrerowere not even playing as both are on the DL. So as I replay all the reasons it is just […]

The Yankees Owe Someone A HUGHES Thank You!

What a terrific winning streak for the New York Yankees. Necessary, we all know this but I didn’t know that the player I would be blaming it on would be Phil Hughes. Let’s look at the facts, which is what all sports enthusiasts will be picking apart from here till as long as their team […]

Proud To Be In Pinstripes….And It Only Took A Week!

My Yankees have had quite a week. A week that was needed for so many reasons for any team on brink of the tipping point. Honestly, this past week could have been the most critical of the season for the team from the Bronx. The Yanks are not by any means in a isolated or […]

Hey Yankees…You Can Blame It On The Rain!

  I thought the motto of ‘win series’ was going pretty well but have the tides turned on the second place NY Yankees. My Yanks lost a second series in a row to the Florida Marlins, who took two of the three games over the weekend. I live in Manhattan, where it has been raining […]