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MLB Breaking News: Michael Kay Tweets Andy Pettitte Is In New York To Announce Retirement

Yes, it is true. New York Yankees Southpaw Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement at Yankee Stadium tomorrow, February 4. This is according to ESPN’s Michael Kay who twittered, “I have learned that Andy Pettitte will officially retire tomorrow. Mote details to come….Michael” This is sad news for Yankee fans and the franchise, as Pettitte […]

New York Yankees: ESPNw Uses The Bombers In Pathetic Attempt To Be Get Popular

With a tad under two weeks before Superbowl XLV and a lack of sports news to report, ESPN finds some time to get their new w-brand some readers. Without much breaking news to report, the easiest answer is to create some, right? That is the only justifiable answer for why ESPN had a statement made […]

2011 MLB Season Preview: Lady Loves Pinstripes Preliminary Power Rankings

As promised, here is Lady Loves Pinstripes 2011 MLB Pre-Pre Season Power Rankings with comments. These ranking were also featured on MLB Blog Buzz,as part of a compilation of power rankings from our MLB Blog Buzz member blogs. The rankings include the average ranking, the best ranking, and the worst ranking for each team. MLB […]

MLB Blog Buzz: Lady Loves Pinstripes Submits 2011 Pre-Pre Power Rankings

MLB Blog Buzz has kindly put together a compilation of power rankings from its member blogs. As an MLB Blog Buzz member, Lady Loves Pinstripes was happy to partake in this pre-pre season ranking. It includes the average ranking, the best ranking, and the worst ranking for each MLB team. Please, be sure and speak […]

ESPNW: A Sincere Opinion From A ‘W’ About New ESPN For Women

On December 6, 2010, ESPNW was introduced, as a website for women who are passionate sports fans and athletes. In essence, it is the women’s version of ESPN. As a female sports blogger, I’ve been asked for my opinion numerous times about ESPNW, so now I will share it. The sports world has always been […]

Lady Loves Pinstripes Nominated For Ballhyped Sports Blog Of 2010

Lady Loves Pinstripes has been nominated for Ballhyped Sports Blog Of The Year. Surprised, but proud at the same time, Lady Loves Pinstripes is just one of 60 sports blogs on the final selection list. It is a privilege to be on this index with such outstanding blogs, even as a long shot to win. If […]