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2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 7

Does baseball get any better than this? It is a quarter of the way through the 2012 season, and the divisional races, along with inter-league play has provided plenty of drama. Teams are still emerging, injuries are never-ending and the Orioles and Nationals seem to be really for real. Over the month of June fans […]

2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 3

Wow….can you believe we are only a month into the 2012 MLB season?  There have been ups and downs… Numerous injuries to pitchers… The witnessing of  historical feats, both good and bad…. And the too old playing like they are too young. It has been insane. Can’t think of a greater time to be a baseball fan. […]

2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 1

The first week of the 2012 season was far from boring, as the competition is even better than I realized. My advice is if you want to make a baseball fan out of someone this is the season to do it but that is for another post. For now, here are my weekly power rankings…remember […]

SHAPE Magazine Best Blogger Awards: VOTE For Lady Loves Pinstripes

Lady Loves Pinstripes was nominated for SHAPE Magazine’s 2011 Best Blogger Award. Voting is so easy, as there is no sign-up required; and what an honor if Lady Loves Pinstripes actually won. To vote, please click HERE. Voting ends on October 28, 2011, so you have some time. If you want to see Lady Loves […]

New York Yankees: Fans Say On Road To A Championship

Baseball fans everywhere have spoken and New York Yankees was their answer. At least according to the Marist Poll’s latest nationwide survey conducted on September 13th and September 14th, where baseball fans were asked who they favored to win the 2011 World Series. The Marist Poll results were reported as follows: Well there is a […]

New York Yankees: 2011 ALDS Schedule Possibilites

The American League Division Series starts next Friday night for the New York Yankees, but where and against who has yet to be determined. Courtesy of, both possible ALDS schedules have provided for Yankee fans: The 2011 ALCS and 2011 World Series Yankees schedules will be posted pending advancement; prefer to just taking things […]