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Everyone Knows That Joba Should Close

The Yankees are almost finished wrapping up a tremendously successful regular season. Cashman and Girardi were baseball Einstein’s. Problems that arouse got fixed. And any looming questions from last season were obviously thought out by acquiring the players to fill holes in the roaster. Girardi’s ‘outside the box’ thinking was just the refreshing change needed […]

Joe Girardi’s Secrets: How The Yanks Took A Halladay

The Rogers Centre was at full capacity tonight up in Toronto. The fans looking relieved, confirming it was just a nightmare, as Roy Halladay, the best pitcher in baseball, walked onto the Blue Jays mound once again. Toronto’s ace looked like a goner before the trade deadline but the cost for Roy’s arm was just to high a price, even for the Yankees. […]

I Am A Proud Fan of The New York Yankees

So my question is why do we constantly get a reminder that the Yankees are the devil or anti-Christ of the sports world? And that Arod is a cheating, self-absorbed, Jeter obsessed, overpaid player who is the cancer of any team he plays on? Manny Ramirez is more popular than ever. Mark Maguire is still a hero in St. Louis. Jason Giambi is considered […]

The Yankees Owe Someone A HUGHES Thank You!

What a terrific winning streak for the New York Yankees. Necessary, we all know this but I didn’t know that the player I would be blaming it on would be Phil Hughes. Let’s look at the facts, which is what all sports enthusiasts will be picking apart from here till as long as their team […]