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I Am A Proud Fan of The New York Yankees

So my question is why do we constantly get a reminder that the Yankees are the devil or anti-Christ of the sports world? And that Arod is a cheating, self-absorbed, Jeter obsessed, overpaid player who is the cancer of any team he plays on? Manny Ramirez is more popular than ever. Mark Maguire is still a hero in St. Louis. Jason Giambi is considered […]


Tonight we are finally back home for a 10 game stance. Even thought we took both series on the road trip I still feel like the Yankees are not quite where the team needs to be to get on a win streak….maybe I am still bruised from Tampa and Boston?? Or could it be that […]

Sports Are No Different!!!

What am I talking about now is……professional athletes have rules too!! But it seems in this day and age every profession is dirty and that want and greed blindside people with a lack of appreciation for hard work and talent. And sadly regarding baseball players like Jeter and Rivera will be known as playing in […]