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New York Yankees Are Complete Losers Again

How are the Seattle Mariners in last place? The Mariners have the best one-two punch on the mound with Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez. Add players like Ichiro Suzuki, Milton Bradley, Chrome Figgins, Jose Lopez, and that makes a valid, post-season contending ball-club. The group the New York Yankees have faced the last two nights […]

New York Yankees Need To Dethrone King Felix

New York Yankee fans are finally cheering for Javier Vazquez, but the relationship is still very tender because it’s hard to let go of the past. Vazquez is up against the great Seattle Mariner Felix Hernandez, aka. King Felix. Beating the King at home would do wonders for Vazquez, his team and the fans. King […]

Phil Hughes, Joe Girardi And The Da Boom Theory

Once again, the New York Yankees fell victim to their own rules. Last night, the result ended with a Yankees loss of 7-4 to the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners have consistently held the last spot in the AL West this season. The Mariners had baseball‘s best pitcher on the mound Cliff Lee to face a […]

New York Yankees vs. Cliff Lee

Personally witnessing Cliff Lee manhandle the New York Yankees in two different uniforms, at both Yankee Stadiums was far from fun. All I can say is Cliff Lee is that good. Our first time in 2008 was like a blind date, as Lee wore a Cleveland Indian uniform back than and I was just going […]

Part Two: American League Team Rankings

AMERICAN LEAGUE: New York Yankees – fact is media loves to hate the Bombers, but they seem to forget the fact that they beat the Rays two weeks ago. Sabathia almost had a no hitter at the Trop. Fact is Yankees are the reigning champs for a reason, and let me tell you this team […]

Perturbed In Pinsrtipes

Have you heard the news today? Roy Halladay and John Lackey have new places to call home, as two of baseball’s top free agents current deals leaked all around the news today. That was HUGE. There was one thing definitely missing from the sizzling MLB hot stove today? That would be the Yankees. For once Cashman […]