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Yankees vs Rays: Top 4 things to watch in this series

The New York Yankees are on a tear winning 10 of last 11 games, and are 3.5 games back in the AL Wild Card standings. Back on the road for the next six games the Yankees will play three down in Tampa Bay vs. the Rays before heading up to Canada to face the Blue […]

Yankees: Do not blow this

The New York Yankees had an opportunity to extend their AL East lead to two games last night at the Rogers Centre, but instead they didn’t just lose they got shutout by the Blue Jays 6-0. Now other than being embarrassed about not scoring a single run, the Yankees are practically handing the AL East to the Orioles, […]

Yankees: Oh no not Rodriguez again

If you missed the New York Yankees beating of the Minnesota Twins yesterday afternoon, you obviously couldn’t have noticed the absence of Alex Rodriguez. Yes, A-rod was AWOL from both the field and the DH spot yesterday afternoon. And Newsday confirmed that he is suffering from a ‘bruised’ left foot. Truthfully, I didn’t really think […]

New York Yankees: Dustin Moseley Can’t Beat theToronto Blue Jays Alone

After losing the first game 2-3, the New York Yankees need to win Tuesday night against the Blue Jays at Rogers Center. The Tampa Bay Rays have caught up to tie in the standings, and the Boston Red Sox are still very much alive. Translation…. inter-division games can kill a team’s chances for playoff berth, […]

Blue Jays vs. Yankees Weekend Pitching Match-ups

Over the last week, Yankees have been on cruise control in New York, winning games against two sub-pars teams, the Indians and Orioles. Now, the Yankees head up to Toronto for their first series against the Blue Jays in 2010, at the Roger Centre. The Blue Jays are no joke. Not only do they lead […]

Javier Vazquez Only Heard Cheers Tonight

In the seventh inning, Javier Vazquez walked off the mound at Yankee Stadium to a sound he has not heard since this time in 2004, fans cheering. Well deserved as Vazquez allowed just four hits, threw seven strikeouts and one intentional walk. Vazquez gave up a solo shot in the sixth to Orioles Corey Patterson, […]