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The Real Truth about Yankees Alex Rodriguez part deux

Last week I wrote an article defending Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriquez, called ‘The Real Truth about Yankees Alex Rodriguez’ In essence it was my mea culpa about the way Yankee fans treat certain players, specifically Rodriguez because whether I like it or not, people get labeled and that includes sports fans too. So, even […]

New York Yankee fans: You want another reason to hate Curt Schilling

Earlier this week during an interview with Conan O’Brian, retired Diamondback and Red Sox pitcher Curt Schillingdecided to speak his mind about the 2013 Hall-of-Fame ballot, which his name will be on for the first time. Along with Schilling as a newbie candidate are Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Sammy Sosa, David […]

What It’s Like To Be A Baseball Fan During The “Steroid Era”

Dear Mr. Selig, I will get right to the point as this needs to be addressed immediately. What is going to be done about the “Steroid Era“? The whole thing is turning into a soap opera and it sure didn’t have too. Here are some points that are very on: The survey conducted by Major League Baseball in 2003 was […]

I Am A Proud Fan of The New York Yankees

So my question is why do we constantly get a reminder that the Yankees are the devil or anti-Christ of the sports world? And that Arod is a cheating, self-absorbed, Jeter obsessed, overpaid player who is the cancer of any team he plays on? Manny Ramirez is more popular than ever. Mark Maguire is still a hero in St. Louis. Jason Giambi is considered […]