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NFL: A Lady's Predictions

Warner, Farve, Lewis, LT, Brees, P. Manning and the Jets. Regardless if your team is playing or not, the match-ups are all dramatic in their own right. With the games just hours away, NFL fans everywhere cannot help their anticipation. Here are my playoff picks: (picks have been carefully picked by both fact and emotion) […]

Three Teams, Three Wins, One City

A Giant won, a Jet soared and a Yankee guaranteed that New York is the best place to call home. Three sports team, hailing from New York had simultaneous starts this afternoon (Yanks not on time due to rain delay). The Yankees, Giants and Jets each had something to prove today. 1. The Yankees was […]

This Giants Fan Thinks Rex Ryan Is A Genius

Sunday has become a favorite day of the week during the NFL season. This Sunday was no different but my Giants were the featured night game so I had the afternoon watch my Yankees. Then I remembered that those Jets had talked so much trash all week about the New England Patriots. My first reaction […]

The 3 Factors For How The Giants Beat Cowboys

The NFL season going into week two will answer a lot of questions for all teams. Will Sanchez play as well against the Pats? And can his performance be blamed on Coach Rex Ryan’s mouth? The great AD will be running against a struggling group of Lions; will records be broken? Will Trent Edwards listen […]