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And The Award Goes To…..

Gold Glove awards completed today, as MLB Award Season has officially started. Spreading out nicely for the month after the World Series keeps talks and debates flowing. It also lightens the initial blow for baseball fans everywhere; whom are all adjusting to nights free of baseball. Then before you know it, 2010 is upon us […]

Mo Problems

In typical circumstances whenever anyone has shoulder surgery, it is only natural to employ on the sturdiness of your legs. It is a subconscious way in which the body reacts, giving some relief to the injured and recently tender area. Imagine you are a pitcher in the majors and just came off shoulder surgery. Just […]

Baseballs Real Heros: The Middle Men

Every baseball season I have the same thought running through my head: ‘Why are the middle relievers basically the yes or no for any MLB team?’ It is the first topic addressed by media, managers and fans alike. These ‘middle-men’ are the talk of baseball and for a position with no recognition compared to the starting pitcher or the closer. The […]