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Coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets’ Road to the Super Bowl, Week 2

New York Jets fans can’t get enough of head coach Rex Ryan, but everyone else just wants him to shut up. Ryan was the star of HBO’s Hard Knocks, but the minute the cameras left, Ryan kept stirring the pot to keep them coming back. Everyone knows deep down Ryan is dying to kiss Bill […]

New York Jets: Rex Ryan’s Hard-Knocks Continues To Shock

Image via Wikipedia What is Rex Ryan’s exact position with the New York Jets? Head coach might not be appropriate any longer, as Ryan takes on the role of owner, agent, and GM. It is no secret that Darrelle Revis is one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. Fact is that any team’s defense […]

Makes Me Want To Cheers For Chargers….LT Video

LaDainian Tomlinson, the running back for the San Diego Chargers has just released a music video. Here is “LT Style…Electric Glide”……this is great and should be the Chargers playoff theme song!! (Ray Lewis needs a video now) Related Blogs

NFL: The Terrific Trend Transcends

The offense line is made up of the popular kid (the quarterback) and his two best buddies (the wide-recievers and running back). The highlights of a game almost always make-up of a long pass caught by the WR or a break-away run from the RB. Did you ever thing how that WR got freed up […]

Rarefied Ray

What motivates is the man? Anyone can deliver a powerful speech or words with the intent for actions to occur. Everyone can talk the talk, it’s easy, it sounds good and maybe even believable for a minute. What is the answer? It’s the man who talks through is actions and makes you want to follow […]