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New York Yankees: Lose to Ron Gardenhire and lose Brett Gardner

 A LOSE/LOSE FOR THE YANKEES… It was a double whammy in the Bronx, as the New York Yankees lost to the Minnesota Twins for the second time this week 5-6; and minutes after the game ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand tweeted that Brett Gardner was placed on the DL with strained elbow. Marchand followed with the […]

You Got To Feel Blue For AJ Burnett

You have to feel bad for New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett, as the New York and sports media has him already packing for Pittsburgh to join the Pirates. I get that “baseball is a business,” as players have uttered this sentiment like a broken record forever to a point where it feels like they […]

New York Yankees: 2012 Projected Batting Order

The 2012 New York Yankees batting order is not so hard to project, which is a Godsend for skipper Joe Girardi who will already have his hands full weeding though an abundance of starting pitchers. The only real lineup issue the Yankees have is a lack of a fulltime DH, which is not an imminent need […]

4 Reasons Why Paps Will Never Close For The Yankees

Here is a slideshow that was a featured favorite on the Bleacher Report. If you click on the title it will bring you directly to my slideshow article I just wrote. The topic? Please read the title of this post and figure it out!!! Love to know what you think….thanks again!!