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New York Yankees: Not Today It is Tebow Time

ESPN’s First Take host Skip Bayless, whom I adore, has been in Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow‘s corner since day one. Admittedly, I have not been on the Tebow bandwagon yet and still am not aboard, but you cannot deny that this guy is inspiring to watch. Just read this recent Tebow article on FOX SPORTS that […]

Lady Loves Pinstripes: Talks Yankees, Tebow & PSU With Sports-Kings Jim Racalto

Last Friday night, I had the pleasure of being the featured interviewee on Sports-Kings.com Weekend Podcast. Sports-Kings.com co-founder Jim Racalto and I gabbed about everything from Penn State, to Tim Tebow Time and of course the New York Yankees. Jim is a die-hard Steelers fan, but what he might not have realized was admitting that […]

Super Bowl XLV: Why Big Ben Roethlisberger Hasn’t Learned a Thing

If you’re a football fan, the week before the Super Bowl is almost as fun as the game itself. So, by now you have probably heard or seen the footage of Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and his teammates out on the town in Dallas, Texas this past Tuesday night. Big Ben treated his O-line […]

2011 AFC Championship Game Preview: New York Jets Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL fans are buzzing awaiting the Championship games to commence this weekend. By early Monday morning, two of the four remaining teams left will head to Dallas, Texas to play for a championship on February 6th 2011; the other two will head home. Let’s look at the AFC Championship Game, as the New York Jets […]

NFL Playoff Predictions: Saturday’s Divisional Games Picks And Previews

With the unpredictable Wild Card weekend in the rear view mirror, the second weekend of NFL Playoffs is about to start. The Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks are all still alive, and their next task will be to win against one of the four best teams from the regular […]

NFL: Does Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Conduct Merit An Investigation?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell talks about his tough “conduct policy” requiring all players to behave accordingly both on and off the field. Goodell has made his stance very clear: “We hold ourselves to higher standards of responsible conduct because of what it means to be part of the National Football League.” When Goodell was less […]