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2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 9

There are usually, one or two moments by now that will bore me during a regular MLB season. Well, not in 2012, as this might be the most exciting season in decades. There are so many great teams it is crazy. The AL and NL East’s are as good as it gets but the two […]

New York Yankees: Captain calf

Where was New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter yesterday? He was supposed to be at Steinbrenner Field. He said he would be playing in the game on Tuesday vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates. He maintained that his sore left calf was, “not that big of an issue.” Wait…have you heard this one before? Yes, it was […]

New York Yankees: See ya AJ, wouldn’t want to be ya, but do want to thank ya

Ken Rosenthal of FOX SPORTS confirmed what he first tweeted, that the New York Yankees have a deal in place to trade AJ Burnettto the Pittsburgh Pirates, pending MLB Commissioner Bud Selig’s approval and passing a physical on Sunday. Well the good news for Burnett is that he doesn’t have to show his face at Yankees Camp after […]

New York Yankees hot stove: Rosenthal please stop stirring the Burnett pot

I am kicking myself for presuming that the media would go dormant on trade rumors surrounding New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett. As usual the spark came via FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal who reported that the Pittsburgh Pirates might land Burnett. He also wrote that the Yankees were willing to eat most of the $33 […]

MLB Hot Stove: Is Terry Collins the Other New York Team’s Answer To The Mess?

After the long overdue firing of skipper Jerry Manuel, the New York Mets owners announced the two-year signing of Terry Collins to be the franchises 20th skipper. COLLINS BACKGROUND: Collins started his pro career as a shortstop drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1971. Over the next 10 years, Collins played for the Pirates and […]

National League: Team Rankings Everybody Ought To Know

With baseball season in full swing, teams are starting to define their reputations. As the season progresses, teams will start to trip themselves up or find their footing again. Some teams will get that hail mary to get back up, and some might collapse like the Mets in 2007. Speaking of the Mets, lets rank* […]