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Vazquez Vs. Price: Embrace The Disgrace

Tonight, the New York Yankees begin a three-game set at Tropicana Field against the Tampa Bay Rays. For pitcher Javier Vazquez, it is his first start of the season but, not in the pinstripes. Vazquez has to win back Yankee fans trust again, as he was the scapegoat and unfairly blamed for the 2004’s ALCS […]

Baseball Basics: Watching A Game, Part Two

Part two: Watching A Game, is to help the newbie fan with basic game lingo. It will come in handy especially when watching a game on TV or listening on the radio to start to understand the announcers jargon and relating it to whats going on in the game. BASEBALL’S BASIC LINGO: Bat: If you […]

Two Worries Of A Cocky Yankees Fan

The world saw the worst collapse in sports history take residence in Shea Stadium, in 2007, the pictures and tears brought city-wide shame. The Mets have been face first since, and the fans hate them for it. Jump to a few months later, when the scrappy Giants miraculously beat an undefeated Patriots to win the […]

Javier Vazquez’s Chance To Make New Ending

The grand slam heard round the world during the 2004 ALCS, caused Yankees Universe to collapse. Unfairly, yet certainly that pitcher was blamed. Now that jar is back in the Bronx for a second time. That in a nutshell is Javier Vazquez‘s reality. Vazquez aquired from a trade with the Atlanta Braves for fan favorite […]

The Yankees Boy Toys: Hughes and Chamberlain

The seemingly endless discussion of Joba vs. Phil is heating up again. Last season this was a mess and solved nothing. Hughes toss to the bullpen happen to look genius, when it was the only way to keep him on the roaster. Joba’s restrictions (aka ‘joba rules’) limited the lad from learning to compete because […]

Perturbed In Pinsrtipes

Have you heard the news today? Roy Halladay and John Lackey have new places to call home, as two of baseball’s top free agents current deals leaked all around the news today. That was HUGE. There was one thing definitely missing from the sizzling MLB hot stove today? That would be the Yankees. For once Cashman […]