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MLB: Two Teams To Watch

It is not even June, but when a division has three or more good teams it is imperative to stay very close behind, if not on top. It is easier to fall out of the race than realized. Some of these smaller market baseball teams might not be media favorites, but have the potential to […]

Baseball Basics: Statistical Basics Part 2

The first part of this basic covered the batters, so here is the second post which gives definitions of the pitching statistics abbreviations. Baseball Basics Question: “WHAT STATISTICS DO ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS STAND FOR?” PART 2 For Pitchers: G = Games Pitched GS = Games Started CG = Complete Games GF – Games Finished IP […]

Baseball Basics: Statistical Basics

Hey newbie fans, hopefully by now you have started to grasp the basics of baseball. Now with the season in full swing, you newbies should be ready for the next question. This has been asked a few times over the last week. Baseball Basics Question: “WHAT STATISICS DO ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS STAND FOR?” Batters and […]

Vazquez vs Tigers Not Going To Be Easy

Javier Vazquez knows what he has to do tonight against the Detroit Tigers. It’s time to pitch. To no surprise, the New York Yankees are on the cusp of a losing streak and it’s Vazquez who will decide it’s fate. The team is frustrated and believe me when I say Yankee fans want Vazquez to […]

Believe It Or Not The Yankees Secret Weapon

PLAYER PROFILE: BRETT GARDNER #11 CF, LF Standing just shy of 5’10, at first glance Brett Gradner does not look like much a weapon. Garder was deemed to small, not talented enough for the main-stage and critics baffled his life on the all-star roaster of the New York Yankees would be shorter, than sweeter. Well, […]

Fantasy Update: Battle Of The Blogs

‘BATTLE OF THE BLOGS’ FANTASY LEAGUE UPDATE 05.01.2010: April was not quite as successful for Lady Loves Pinstripes fantasy team, compared to my pure and very real New York Yankees. Alex Rodriguez‘s struggles continue to plague my team. Arod’s performance is my tremendous advantage that has not been fruitful just yet. Injuries have been difficult […]