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A Yankees fan World Series prediction

My predication is that the 2012 MLB World Series Champion will be the New York Yankees. Oh wait the Yankees lost, my bad. If you could please excuse me as I am trying to purposely forget the ALCS pummeling I had to witness last week vs. the Detroit Tigers, which anyone with a half-a-brain should […]

2011 MLB Team Preview: Detroit Tigers

The 2010 season did not pan out the way the Detroit Tigers had planed and that is putting it kindly. Injury-ridden across the board, it is a miracle within itself that the Tigers managed to finish with an 81-81 record. The Tigers are not a .500 team and going forward Is 2011 the year of […]

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." – Analects Confucius

JOB DESCRIPTION – GENERAL MANAGER; MLB TEAM A general manager‘s job is at the top of an organizations pyramid. GM’s put the best team he or she deems can win. Enticing players to come aboard takes resources and only a handful of MLB teams have unlimited ones. Struggling franchises blaming it on lack of funding is quite […]

Brian Cashman’s Mid-Report Card: Part One

With the start to the MLB Winter Meetings, lonely fans can finally wake-up with baseball on their mind. Hopes and dreams of next season start to unfold as trades, pick-ups and drop-offs give plenty to talk about again. Rumors will fly around talks of possibilities become reality or not. The Yankees are hogging the spotlight […]