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Do You Want To Meet Brett Gardner?

Do you want to meet New York Yankees outfielder Brett Garner? Well Lady Loves Pinstripes readers, here is your chance. WHEN: Monday, June 14th at 6:30p.

Brian Cashman’s Mid-Report Card: Part One

With the start to the MLB Winter Meetings, lonely fans can finally wake-up with baseball on their mind. Hopes and dreams of next season start to unfold as trades, pick-ups and drop-offs give plenty to talk about again. Rumors will fly around talks of possibilities become reality or not. The Yankees are hogging the spotlight […]

The Yankees Could Be Moving On Up….A Ton

The Yankees are about as tight lipped as Tiger Woods, regarding who the team’s biggest crush is on right now. For the Yankees, it is more of a guessing game involving just a few names, a love contract and a new outfit. “Tiger-Land” is the small country forming by the list of the Woods-Women is […]